NEW ORDER - State Of The Nation

NEW ORDER was an English New Wave band formed back in 1980 by Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, and Stephen Morris in the wake of the demise of their previous group Joy Division, following the suicide of vocalist Ian Curtis. They were soon joined by additional keyboardist Gillian Gilbert who incidentally was Stephen Morris' Girlfriend back then who ultimately became his wife too. This band is just so famous among PINOY NEW WAVERS and PUNKS and their songs have been on regular airplay on Legendary Philippine New Wave Radio Frequencies WXB 102, POWER 105, and NU 107 back in the 80s. Last JULY 26, the Filipinos heard the first ever "State Of The Nation Address" aka. SONA by the newly elected PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT BENIGNO AQUINO III and so I thought of featuring the song "STATE OF THE NATION" by NEW ORDER here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In". Of course, there's a much more popular "STATE OF THE NATION" song for Filipinos which was the one sang by "INDUSTRY" but we will be featuring It on a different blogpost. Btw, last year July 12, 2009 Bernard Sumner revealed to Mojo Magazine the official disbandment of the band. That's no new album from New Order and sad news for their supporters and fans.

"STATE OF THE NATION" by NEW ORDER was a single by the band back in 1986 and was first played here in MANILA by WXB102 back in 1987. The 12" version of the song is almost twice as long as the 7" version that included an additional verse and It's B-side is entitled "SHAME OF THE NATION". Huh? Will that be true for the recent SONA Kabayans? Well, some Filipinos were contented hearing and watching the SONA while others find it to be lack of substance. I guess, to each his own. I really love both songs from NEW ORDER and the synthesizers will perk you up to go club dancing. He He He!! Though not included on most standard releases of the album "Brotherhood", the 12" version of "State Of The Nation" was included as a bonus track on some versions and was originally included on the US 12" version of "Bizarre Love Triangle." The 12" version of "Shame of the Nation" on the other hand, was included on the 2008 Collectors Edition of Low-Life. Memorable songs indeed for Pinoy New Wavers!!

"The State of the Nation Address" aka. SONA in Pilipino "Talumpati sa Kalagayan ng Bansa" is an annual event here in my country, the Republic of the Philippines, wherein the President of the Philippines usually reports on the status of the nation, normally to the resumption of a joint session of the Congress that includes the House of Representatives and the Senate. I do hope and pray that we will see some improvements in the coming six years of P-NOY's term. THANKS for dropping by!!




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