THE LOVERS SPEAKS was the NEW WAVE duo of David Freeman on vocals , and Joseph Hughes who was mostly the composer and the arranger of the band. Every PINOY NEW WAVER like me would definitely have their "Self-titled" debut album either on Vinyl or on CD format. The band actually derived their name from a book entitled "A Lover's Discourse: Fragments" written by Roland Barthes back in 1985.THE LOVER SPEAKS was first introduced here in MANILA by DZBM POWER105 wayback late 1986 just before the station would hybernate momentarily into a Jazz Station and went back to New Wave on December 1987 to give NU107 a tough competition on Manila's NEW WAVE Airwaves. POWER105 first played their classic hit "NEVER TO FORGET YOU" in 1986 from their "Self-titled THE LOVER SPEAKS" album and became one of their so-called "POWER EXCLUSIVES" back then. I consider this as one of the Greatest Discoveries of POWER105 indeed. It was only in 1987 when the band's second Manila Hit "NO MORE I LOVE YOU'S" would also be played by none other than POWER105. Definitely this debut album has a lot of great songs in it. SULIT TALAGA!! Another personal favorites would be "TREMBLE DANCING" and "THIS CAN'T GO ON" which were also mainstays on 103.5 KLite's LITEWAVE.

1) The Lover Speaks (Self Titled) Vinyl Record and CD
2) "No More I Love You's" EP Vinyl Record

Well, I just got a bonus when I was also able to purchase their Vinyl EP of "NO MORE I LOVE YOU'S which also became a hit on 89DMZ's WAVE180 back in 1995 since that was the year NU107 introduced the version of ANNIE LENNOX on Manila's airwaves.

ANNIE LENNOX version of "NO MORE I LOVE YOU'S"which was taken from her "MEDUSA" album made it big worldwide. Indeed it gave the song more exposure. "MEDUSA" also includes a remake of THE CLASH's "TRAIN IN VAIN" and BLUE NILE's "DOWNTOWN LIGHTS" which for me was also a very interesting album from Annie Lennox. It wouldn't be a surprise since THE LOVER SPEAKS has opened up before with THE EURYTHMICS on their 1986 "Revenge Tour" and DAVE STEWART himself was responsible for signing the band at A&M Records on their debut album back in 1985.

THE LOVER SPEAKS then recorded their second album in 1988 entitled "THE BIG LIE" which includes 9 new tracks but the band encountered problems releasing this material from A&M Records the same outfit that released their Self-titled debut album.

Download the songs here:

NEVER TO FORGET YOU: http://download.yousendit.com/B614DC0A212F9420

NO MORE I LOVE YOU'S: http://download.yousendit.com/41421A170D4DACE3

TREMBLE DANCING: http://download.yousendit.com/45FA7E5C0CD0C52C

THIS CAN'T GO ON!: http://download.yousendit.com/01D201EB597123FB

From their second album:
Thunder No One Else Can Hear: http://download.yousendit.com/4493768D2C773BEA

...No More I Love You's!!


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Herbal T said...

Any chance of upping the albums or sending me a link - I have searched for years to find the long deleted self titled album and never even knew there was a second!

Great work and good to hear someone else remembers this under rated band.