The Manila Light Rail Transit System popularly known as the LRT in Filipino "Sistema ng Magaan na Riles Panlulan ng Maynila" had this PAINTING EXHIBIT/CONTEST entitled "LRT ART" last JUNE 2009 marking year 2009 as It's 25th year anniversary since it began operating wayback DECEMBER 1984. The LRT is the main Metropolitan Rail System here in the Philippines that serves the METRO MANILA area and I can still remember that back in the 80s TOKENS were used to enter the LRT and these days we have already the MAGNETIC TICKETS. Wheeew!! Talking about changes!! He He He!! I usually ride the LRT and even the MRT when I don't use my automobile going to work and definitely It helps a lot. I was able to take pictures of the great ARTWORKS being displayed on the corridors at the CUBAO STATION. The winners were announced last JULY 2009.

Here are the PHOTOS which I took from my ever reliable cellphone.

I don't have any idea what happened on the AWARDS NIGHT and I'm just sharing to you these interesting WORKS OF ART. I wasn't able to take the photos of all the entries and these are just some of them. VERY NICE INDEED!! Asteeeeeg!!

I hope you guys enjoyed viewing the ARTWORKS. Just to be different for today's blogpost. THANKS A LOT for dropping by again.
Here's the LRT MAP:

This Is

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