This year 2009, there seem a lot of deaths if we talk about famous people that were big BACK IN THE 80s. Another person that I'm referring to is JOHN HUGHES who just passed away AUGUST 6, 2009 a day after the BURIAL of PRESIDENT CORY AQUINO and he was only 59 years old. PINOY NEW WAVERS/PUNKS definitely knows the name of this GREAT 80s TEEN FLICK DIRECTOR and one who had really made the DECADE OF THE 80s ALIVE AND KICKING. Personally, I really love the movies he directed back on those days. Though, if you'll watch the movies right now it seems that it is really shallow but watching these films again such as "PRETTY IN PINK", "SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL", "THE BREAKFAST CLUB", and "FERRIS BUELLER DAY OFF" just to name a few will definitely travel you back in time especially for individuals like me who grew up watching this JOHN HUGHES TEEN FLICK MOVIES. An ALL-GIRL PINOY POP ROCK band was even named PRETTIER THAN PINK. Well, JOHN HUGHES really catapulted the career of MOLLY RINGWALD back on those days and I think I got to say that she was one of JOHN HUGHES favorites. And DON'T FORGET!! The ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACKS of these films that can really perk you up. NEW WAVE bands like ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN, SIMPLE MINDS, OINGO BOINGO, FLESH FOR LULU, and THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS, just to name a few. WHEEW!! THAT'S a great BAND LIST I may say!!An 80s FILM ICON indeed!! Not only in the 80s did JOHN HUGHES made a name in the FILM INDUSTRY, but he was also responsible for the MEGAHIT 90s "HOME ALONE" which starred child wonder Macaulay Culkin . There was even a PINOY SITCOM that took It's name from this "HOME ALONE" movie. YUP KABAYAN!! You got it right, It was DOLPHY's "HOME ALONG THE RILES". He He He!! I guess that's also how JOHN HUGHES really made a mark not just on other countries but also here in the PHILIPPINES. I still remember watching most of his films on BETAMAX back in the 80s with the exceptions of "PRETTY AND PINK" and "SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL" because I saw these two films on the WIDE SCREEN at the LEGENDARY QUAD CINEMA in MAKATI. Wheew!! MEMORIES INDEED!!

According to Michelle Bega, JOHN HUGHES was in New York to visit his family. He died of a HEART ATTACK during a morning walk in Manhattan yesterday AUGUST 6,2009. That's another sad news indeed!! A native of Lansing, Michigan, HUGHES later moved to Chicago to be an AD WRITER then became a COMEDY WRITER for "NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION". His first ever directorial effort was "SIXTEEN CANDLES" back in 1984 which won praises due to the realistic depiction of middle-class high school life. HUGHES has made a certain connection with my generation with his films and definitely PINOY WAVERS/PUNKS would have these memories to cherish. So if you go deeper on the names of the films like "WEIRD SCIENCE", and "SHE'S HAVING A BABY" then definitely PINOY WAVERS/PUNKS would recall all the songs from their SOUNDTRACKS too. A lot of the songs on HUGHES FILM SOUNDTRACKS made it to the playlists of WXB102, POWER 105 DZBMFM, and NU107 back in the 80s. JOHN HUGHES withdrew from public life entering into his middle age wherein he moved to WINCONSIN so by then his life have been silent if you talk about HOLLYWOOD. Personally, I am a HUGE FAN of JOHN HUGHES so I tried my best to buy the FILM VIDEOS and SOUNDTRACKS AUDIOS for collection purposes.

Here's my very own DIY PHOTOS
at the set of the corresponding JOHN HUGHES films:

VCDs(Philippine Video Format) COLLECTION

I guess this is the "Dr. Stirring Rhod's Way" of giving TRIBUTE to SIR JOHN HUGHES who have contributed a lot on the film industry especially on my GENERATION. I'll be featuring his FILMS and SOUNDTRACKS in the future here in my humble blog "The Doctor Is In". THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR JOHN HUGHES!!


I'm a HUGE fan

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