The Rise Of NU107

1987 was a memorable year for NEW WAVE here in MANILA. On JUNE 9,1987 WXB102 officially bid farewell to all their avid fans and listeners. DZBM POWER 105 new wave format that time was already non-existent. Then came the month of NOVEMBER when NU 107 officially went on test broadcast playing NEW WAVE HITS that was both mainstays on XB and BM but with a lot of additional songs and bands on it's playlist. It was UNDAS time in MANILA when Filipinos visit the cemeteries to pay respect to their dead love ones. I was lucky to be able to hear their first broadcast while on my way to LOYOLA CEMETERY. Actually a lot of people thought that XB has just resurrected from the dead.....they were all wrong because it was a totally different radio station headed by ATOM HENARES and MIKE PEDERO. As the NU DJs would say "THIS IS THE HOME OF NEW ROCK NU107 is DWNU FM in MAKATI" . NU107 was born.

..first NU107 logo photo was taken from my old NU107 sticker on my vaults.

This is "The Home of NU Rock NU107"!!

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