PROZAC with a "C" is an Antidepressant, Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor which is a treatment for major depression. PROZAK FOR LOVERS CD is itself a good, relaxing compilation of Classic Rock, Alternative, and New Wave music done in a BOSSA NOVA way. I was in a record bar when the shop was playing the album which caught my attention because the songs that were played were JOY DIVISION's "LOVE WILL TEARS APART", RAMONES's "I WANNA BE SEDATED", SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES's "CITIES IN DUST" in a clear and relaxing versions. I immediately bought the CD!! By looking at the CD COVER I guess this excellent Antidepressant CD is very much related with the drug and the CAPSULE on the WINE GLASS would be a symbol for the entire content of the album. BOSSA NOVA right now here in MANILA is very much in. Agot Isidro started the so-called Bossa Nova Divas wherein a lot would follow like SITTI, SOFIA, etc. PROZAK FOR LOVERS definitely would sooth your mood especially after being stress from work. Covers from NIRVANA, THE CLASH, DAVID BOWIE, BLONDIE are also included in this great compilation!!

Take your PROZAK now!!

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