NEW WAVE music was the in-thing during the 80's in MANILA. Of course, PINOYS were very much into this kind of musical genre that rocked the entire nation. There were two influencial radio stations which brought NEW WAVE music at it's peak. Although during 1980-1984 this genre have invaded Manila's FM stations, these two radio stations:WXB102 "The station that dares to be different" and POWER 105 DZBM FM "THE POWER STATION" were the ones who really dug deep into the music. In 1985, both stations started the so-called NEW WAVE RADIO WAR. XB going on the FM frequency dial 102.7 and BM on 105.1. I've tuned in to both radio stations and because of them I really got into collecting NEW WAVE/PUNK stuffs from the original Vinyl Records,Casette Tapes,CDs, VCDs, DVDs. A great experience indeed! THANK YOU VERY MUCH XB and BM.

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Romher Jude said...

Hi, like you I loved the new wave songs of the 80s. Now, I'm looking for songs played by a world music station somewhere near 107 and 105. I forgot the station. I remember they were always playing Grace Nono's hot air balloon nation. Actually, I'm looking for a song they also played a lot back then: "pen...pen...pen sarapen...kutsilyo de aramsen,..." I forgot the band and title! Could you help me? Any idea who they were? Thanks!