Ballad Of The Times (The Anniversary)

Show Name: Ballad Of The Times
Schedule: Wednesdays (10:30pm - 12 midnight)
Radio Frequency: NU107

Only truly great music stands the test of time and nothing spells a superb night like indulging in some of the best the past has to offer. NU 107 gives you a passport to a destination where some sounds may be familiar, but the feelings are always absolutely fresh. So, dust off your synthesized sentiments and prepare for some bittersweet beats with the only radio show that takes you on a one-of-a-kind flight from nostalgia to euphoria! "Listen On: The Ballad of the Times"! 90 minutes of New Wave wonderment every Wednesday night, 10:30 'til midnight only on the Home of NU Rock NU 107.

Well, It has been already a year since I made an Exclusive Blogpost regarding this New Wave Radio Show on NU107 last FEBRUARY 6, 2009 few days before their Pilot Episode. I was able to get the necessary information from one of the host none other than POGZ. So if you haven't read my blogpost do check it out.

CLICK "The Ballad Of The Times" Poster AD to enter my blogpost last year 2009:

Time flies so fast that this New Wave radio show will celebrate their 1st Year Anniversary with a NEW WAVE Party on FEBRUARY 12, 2010 at GWEILOS in MAKATI CITY. The guys will be playing only Vinyl Records. YUP!! No CDs, Cassette Tapes, and mp3s on the party. Stay tune also for their 1st Year Anniversary Radio Show on FEBRUARY 10, 2010 at 10:30pm till 12 midnight on NU107. I'm an avid listener of this show and I highly recommend it to all people who love the musical genre called NEW WAVE and beyond.

Here are some photos from the show courtesy of POGZ and SIR GEORGE FREDERICK:


Hosts Sir George, Pogz, and Charlie

Second Episode

Ballad Of The Times also had some great studio guests the past year which included Four Legendary WXB 102 DJs namely COOL CARLA, JULIUS CEASAR, MICK FLAME, and ALLAN K. (Not the one on Eat Bulaga okay). Of course, the radio program included another XB Legendary DJ in their hosts none other than SIR GEORGE FREDERICK.


Hmmmp? That's an IDENTITY CRISIS vinyl!!

ALLAN K. (Allan Kato)

ALLAN K. was the last XB Jock on deck who played the classic song of EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL aka. EBTG entitled "BALLAD OF THE TIMES" which the show was named after and definitely depicts what the radio show is really all about. Btw, "Ballad Of The Times" by EBTG was the last song WXB102 played on the airwaves before vanishing on MANILA's radio on JUNE 1987. NU107 was also vital in continuing NEW WAVE Music on the airwaves back in the 80s here in MANILA. YUP!! The Home Of New Rock is DWNU FM!!

It's nice to hear "BALLAD OF THE TIMES" Radio Show is on NU107 playing the Hits And Beats Of NEW WAVE!!

I'll be leaving you with the song from EBTG!!

HAPPY 1st year Anniversary
Ballad Of The Times!!


the beatmeister said...

congrats to pogz and the rest of the ballad of the times jocks on NU107.

DrStirringRhod said...

Yo BEAT!! Nice to see you back on my blog. THANKS for dropping again buddy!! :-)