LISTEN ON!! LISTEN ON GUYS!! Or just LISTEN? Do you wanna know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? Wooo hooo wooo hooo!! Oooops!! We will not be talking about the "FAB FOUR". Maybe a sort of like that...."FEB FOUR" I suppose? This FEB 11,2009 FOUR great guys will reveal a secret and fulfill a promise to all NEW WAVERS here in MANILA. That's not all KABAYAN!! We will be hearing the Return of WXB102 Legendary DJ Sir George Frederick on MANILA's FM radio dial and this time on NU107 "The Home Of Nu Rock". YUP!! You got it right!! "The Program Director" himself will be back on the airwaves via NU107 New Wave Radio Program entitled "LISTEN ON: THE BALLAD OF THE TIMES - RADIO SHOW". It's not John, Paul, George, and Ringo okay....... It's FRED, POGZ, GEORGE, and CHARLIE that will be giving you THE HITS & BEATS OF NU WAVE on their Pilot Broadcast this coming February 11, 2009 Wednesday Evening from 10:30 PM TO 12 MIDNITE. Hmmmp!! This would be something to look forward to everyone.

I was able to talk to POGZ, one of the host of the show and currently the Lead Vocalist of PINOY SMITHS Tribute Band "DEAD POP STARS", personally last weekend and he was glad to hand me down this great news. I guess It's ripe for the scene right now to have this kind of Radio Show here in MANILA. According to POGZ, this was FOUR years in the making and finally the finishing touches was laid down last week. Hmmmp!! What's this about the number FOUR? He He He!! So what do we expect here POGZ? This is what he has to say "We'll be playing the dumbest to the best NEW WAVE TUNE, (He! He!)...and again We're not Deep". Oh ayan POGZ exact message mo yan ah. Well, definitely one good reason to be happy about. Sir George Frederick was POGZ personal choice when handed down the authority to choose the people to host the show so that for him there would be "Authenticity Of PINOY Style Of NEW WAVE". That's a great choice I may say!! HATS OFF with this one!! Definitely, looking at the Poster Ad and the title of this show, you would not think of otherwise that It's really a NEW WAVE SHOW. The poster was taken from THE THE's "SOUL MINING" album and the show title"LISTEN ON" is a great track from THE RAILWAY CHILDREN and THE BALLAD OF THE TIMES from EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL which was the last song played on WXB102 by another Legendary XB DJ ALLAN K.(not related with the pinoy comedian Allan K. of Eat Bulaga) back in 1987 before it finally signed-off.

Here's my DIY photo of SIR GEORGE FREDERICK and POGZ:

So we've been talking about POGZ and Sir George Frederick so who are the two other guys in the show? POGZ informed me that CHARLIE is from the U.K. and a pure BRIT and so I guess this would infuse some inputs on the British side of the story. FRED on the otherhand plays in the band. FRED sounds like ROBERT SMITH and plays like BILLY BRAGG.Hmmmp!! Very interesting Line-up I may say!! And so there you go guys the FOUR gentlemen that would be dishing out something great this February 11,2009 on NU107. That's FRED, POGZ, GEORGE, and CHARLIE!! It's THE BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO? Nope!! It's "THE BALLAD OF THE TIMES".

Here's some lines from the LYRICS of WE'RE NOT DEEP

"You'd do yourself a favour if you gave yourself a break
But that's one risk you'd never take
The evenings yours, the mornings mine
But don't knock me, I'm doing fine
You'd do yourself a favour if you gave yourself a rest
But just for now you know what's best

And I know what you think
What you think about me
Thoughts like that sink home
To you we're not deep"

Listen On everyone!!
To The Ballad Of The Times!!

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