It's Called A HEART!!

"There's something beating here inside my body And it's called a heart"....is the opening lyrics of the classic Depeche Mode song entitled "IT'S CALLED A HEART". Well, since HEART's DAY(February 14) "VALENTINES DAY" is fast approaching then It's fine time to feature the HEART. In my world of MEDICINE, The HEART is a pump that creates the pressure that drives the flow of blood throughout the system. The CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM wherein "cardio" means "heart" and "vascular" means "vessels". The HEART is a hollow, muscular organ that is divided into four chambers. The right and left atrium receive venous blood from the veins, while the right and left ventricles pump blood into the arteries. Although the heart is a single organ, it functions as two separate pumps. The right half pumps blood into the Pulmonary circulation, while the left half pumps blood into the Systemic circulation. The Arteries carries Oygenated Blood while the Veins carries Deoxygenated Blood. "I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!"......Hmmmp!! Very familiar with these words? Well, I always tell my students that it is more clinically and anatomically right to say to your love ones that: "I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HYPOTHALAMUS!!". What? Did you get it right? YUP!! The HYPOTHALAMUS is the part of the brain which is the seat of all our EMOTIONS. So there you go, some love notes from your friendly neighborhood "Dr. Stirring Rhod". Btw, KABAYAN do you remember JOE "D' Mango"? Very famous because of his critically acclaimed "LOVE NOTES". He He He!! The Normal HEART BEAT is 60-100 beats per minute. It beats as "lub dub, "lub dub", "lub dub"......Hmmmmp!! Isn't it "love dove"?

I first heard DEPECHE MODE's song entitled "It's Called A Heart" back in 1985 on POWER105 DZBM-FM. The music video of the song was also all over MANILA's Music Videos Television shows. "It's Called A Heart" was the 14th single of the band which was not released on an actual studio album but was released on the compilation "DEPECHE MODE The Singles (81-85)" which I also bought immediately when it was released here in MANILA back in 1985. I bought my VINYL copy at SM CUBAO and this DEPECHE MODE compilation is a must for PINOY WAVERS because It contains a lot of great hits from the band which were played both on WXB102 and POWER105 DZBM-FM. SULIT TALAGA!! XB and BM explored a lot of DEPECHE MODE songs during both stations heydays on MANILA airwaves from the common down to their rare, extended remixes, live, and obscure songs. MARTIN GORE was also noted to have stated that "It's Called A Heart" is his least favorite Depeche Mode single. ALLAN WILDER considered it to be one of Depeche Mode's weakest songs.


"Valentine's Day"

It's Called A HEART's DAY!!


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McDoC said...

Nice lecture doc. Would you be interested in doing your book version of "Anatomy Made Ridiculously Simple with New Wave Flavoring"? Hehehe. Med studes will love that book and you'd give Stephen Goldberg,MD a run for his money. If you decide to publish it, free copy ko ha? :)