A Taste Of Love

It's........."The Looooooooovvvvvvve Month Again Everyone!!". Hmmmp!! I guess It's that time of the year that we spend it for our special someone. So the title of my blogpost for today is " A TASTE OF LOVE" and definitely you guys will have it. He He He!! DEN HARROW is an Italian NEW WAVE project which was fronted by a fashion model from Milan, Italy named STEFANO ZANDRI. They made a big ITALO hit around the globe back in 1984 with the song "A TASTE OF LOVE". The name "Den Harrow" was invented by the producers of the said project, which according to them was based on the Italian word "Denaro" which meant "MONEY". I first heard this song on 99.5RT back in 1984 and It became a hit for PINOY WAVERS because of It's dancable tune and great vocals. My cousin and I immediately went to a record bar in Quezon City just to have the song taped and we used it on a birthday party we attended on that week. Of course, we recorded the extended mix of the song which was really great. Although, I personally didn't hear this song played on XB,BM, and NU it still got good radio airplay on other MANILA FM dials does making it popular for PINOY WAVERS back then. There was even a controversy about the "DEN HARROW" project because it was revealed later on that Stefano didn't actually sang those songs and the producers admitted that he was essentially a character who lip-synched to the vocals of the songs. WheeW!! What's this? A precursor of the Milli Vanilli and Vanilla Ice Lip-synched controversies also of the 80s?

According to Tom Hooker it was the voice of Chuck Rolando who was used in the vocals of "A Taste Of Love". I think this is really nuts since the deep vocals of the song was excellent for a dance tune especially from that NEW WAVE ERA.

Well, I'm just wondering why "A Taste Of Love" wasn't included on "THE BEST OF DEN HARROW" CD. Maybe because of this controversy? Actually, It was the only DEN HARROW Hit here in MANILA during those times.

Here's the Music Video of that controversial song entitled:

Well, another thing that triggered me to make a blogpost of this song because my KABAYAN on "THE VAULT Live 365" will be having a VALENTINES SPECIAL entitled "A TASTE OF LOVE: The Ultimate Retro Dance Party" on FEBRUARY 14, 2009. Hmmmp!! That's something to look forward to. Isn't it? BENJIE"The Boy Wonder" and the rest of the guys are at it again!! Hmmmp!! "THE LOVE VAULT"? Sounds familiar!!

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