DSR's GMA 7's 70s Weekdays Robot Shows Memories!!

Today is December 6, 2010 and my little blog "The Doctor Is In" is joining everyone in the campaign drive against child violence. YUP!! This is "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" of relieving some of my childhood memories via these classic JAPANESE ROBOT CARTOONS shown here in MANILA back in the late 70s via "GMA 7 (Where You Belong)". It's still not "KAPUSO" theme okay. He He He!! So KABAYANS and FOREIGN VISITORS of my humble blog, get ready for another trip down memory lane back to circa 1977-1979 where these cartoons were shown here in the PHILIPPINES. Well, there were a lot of JAPANESE CARTOONS that invaded the Philippine Shores back in 1977-1979 but for now I decided to focus on the FIVE MAJOR ONES that were big here in MANILA back on those times and were shown by GMA 7 namely MEKANDA ROBOT, DAIMOS, MAZINGER Z, U.F.O. GRENDAIZER, and VOLTES V. That was everyday ROBOT DAY indeed from MONDAYS to FRIDAYS and of course this blogpost of mine didn't include SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS and ROBOTS of other T.V. Stations. Even though It was not the 80s, definitely PINOY NEW WAVERS would recall all of this Five Cartoons. During those days when you read the Philippine Issues of T.V. TIMES you'll get to see all the schedule of these robot shows from different channels. Mind you, there were no CARTOON NETWORK back then and CABLE T.V. were considered for the rich people. So the main T.V. channels really made our lives who don't have cable T.V. like me easier since we got to watch them in an accessible way. Unfortunately, the Late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos banned these Cartoons due to the issue of violence being shown by these shows. Hmmmp? I still find the new ANIMEs more violent than those we had before. Talking about the drive against Child Violence and the Issue of Violence as a ground for all JAPANESE CARTOONS being banned by the Late President Marcos in 1979. YUP!! You got it right guys, ALL OF THEM including those shown on other T.V. stations were removed from the Philippine Television World. My generation was deprived back then to see the final episodes of these JAPANESE CARTOONS. Waaaaahh!! Some of us even saw their endings decades after. Wheeeew!! I guess that's life!! MEMORIES INDEED!!

Here's the usual p.m. schedule on GMA 7 back on those times:

5:00 : Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko
6:00 : GMA News

5:00 : Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko
5:30 : DAIMOS
6:00 : GMA News

5:00 : Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko
6:00 : GMA News

5:00 : Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko
6:00: GMA News

5:00 : Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko
5:30 : VOLTES V
6:00 : GMA News

I uploaded all VIDEO CLIPS of all INTROs of all Five Robots directly here in Blogger to help you rekindle those days when we were still kids who love watching these shows on T.V. When all these cartoons were banned, I remember GMA 7 replaced the timeslot with a sort of FANTASY Serye entitled "PRINSIPE ABANTE" that starred the Late BERT "Tawa" MARCELO. YUP!! PRINSIPE ABANTE was shown from MONDAYS to FRIDAYS replacing these Five Robot Shows.

Although some of them had their re-runs on Philippine T.V. in the late 90s, still the best years were back on those days when they were very new and that was the 70s. I was just glad to be part of that generation!! I can still remember that the "ANG DATING DAAN" portion of "BUBBLE GANG" gag show was the one that sparked the return of these robot shows when the "VOLTES V theme" was used as their entry song back in the late 90s. ALIEN? ALIEN!!!!!!






I do hope you ENJOYED again another trip down memory lane with me. THANKS AGAIN for dropping by!! I'll leave you with my ultimate closing song coming from VOLTES V entitled "I WANT MY FATHER" in English. That's all folks!! I hope we will all continue our drive against child violence!! TAKE CARE EVERYONE!!





puppy said...

This is great i appreciate your work! it's good to remember always!u

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS puppy for appreciating my blogpost. :-) Do come back again!!

NOISEBOX said...

galing, very nostalgic!

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS NB!! :-) Kapanahonan natin diba? He He He!!