DJ Rhom's Desert Wave Megamixx

Hello everyone!! I'm back again with another PINOY NEW WAVE MIX here just for you regular visitors and lurkers of my humble blog. YUP!! This time It's from KABAYAN DJ Rhom and definitely this is another treat for you guys on the BLOG that started it all.....where else but here on "The Doctor Is In". PINOY NEW WAVE MIXES at It's best!! The Original okay!! DJ Rhom actually submitted this New Wave Mix very late due to his busy schedule but I wanna still THANK him for making time and It's a masterpiece for you guys to relive the decade of the 80s again. It's "DJ Rhom's DESERT WAVE MEGAMIXX" since he is now based in DUBAI, U.A.E. He started this passion of mixing music using two cassette tapes then his father gave him a 4channel DJ Mixer which made it more interesting for him. He then started mixing on CD and cassette then his friend asked him to DJ in his small mobile which opened a new horizon for him. He then became a DJ and Technician in 1995 to 2000 on both Visual Frequency and Extreme Sound which he his a part owner. He also became a technician in RSL Light and Sound of Lupe (DJ OUCH of DMZ). His parents encouraged him to continue learning and practicing mixing and gave him lots of comfort and confidence that he needed when joining in any DJ competitions back then. He named the late Francis M ("The Mouth" on 89DMZ), DJ Kimozave, DJ Qbert and DJ Mod as his idols because they helped him also continue this hobby of his which is mixing music. He loves listening to Hip Hop, 80’s 90’s music and also NEW WAVE which is the theme of the Music Mix that we will be featuring. I uploaded the Mix on both 4-shared(Listening mode) and DivShare(Download Link).

So guys, get ready to be blasted again back into time where NEW WAVE MUSIC was at It's best!! Here's "DJ Rhom's Desert Wave Megamixx"!!




The NEW WAVE Mix started with a great informative INTRO regarding the VIETNAM WAR by Peter Thomas. Wheeew!! Is this related somewhat to THE DESERT STORM? He He He!! It's an hour of great NEW WAVE VIBES for us to recall and very creative indeed I may say. Lite and Easy songs like "Somebody","Don't Dream It's Over", and "Come Undone" made a cool and relaxing mood start that would make you sway. Two more easy favorites followed with "Upside Down" and "Question Of Lust". The tempo increases a bit with the band that according to news is scheduled to visit MANILA early next year 2010 to do a concert and that's TEARS FOR FEARS with their song "Shout". Btw. you'll hear a lady shouting as an effect that DJ Rhom added. Hopefully, PINOY WAVERS/PUNKS would hear Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith sing live here in MANILA next year. Let's just cross our fingers KABAYANS!! The next bunch of songs will get you fired up to rock and roll more into that NEW WAVE Groove. Hmmmp!! Running Away with some Thieves Like Us that would create an Animal Magic? Wheeew!! That's The Bottom Line guys okay, then we will be Walking Away with a great finale while our Beds Are Burning. Nice Outro again!! This is a NICE SET indeed for time travelling. I hope you guys like the New Wave Mix like the way I did. THANKS DJ Rhom for sharing your New Wave Mix here in "The Doctor Is In"which is still "The Original" and "The one and only" Blog that features "The Best Of PINOY NEW WAVE MIXES". YUP!! It's still here and will always be here so expect more to come in the future from my KABAYANS who mixes music for the love of sharing. YUP!! It's VIRUS SCANNED this time!! He He He!!

Btw, here's a great message from DJ Rhom that he wanna share to us:

DJ Rhom's Message:
"Before I start, I would like to thank Dr. Rhod for inviting me to share something in his BLOG. I’m Romeo dela Torre aka DJRhom. I’m a simple guy who was born and raised in Novaliches Quezon City and would like to share some of my hobbies and interest when it comes to music. It’s an overwhelming experience to have an opportunity to share in Dr Rhod's blog. I am looking forward to meet more people who have their same passion that I have. It's free to give some comments and suggestions or can give some advice for me to enhance my talent more.Keep on reaching for goals…find our own bliss… Thank you and I hope you enjoyed my mix."

I guess that's all for today's blogpost folks!! I just wanna THANK AGAIN DJ Rhom!! Bro, baka mapirata ka na nyan ng mga COPYCATS ng blog ko. Ingat lang! He He He!! THANKS also guys for dropping by!!

Let's Rhom Around



rey said...

Salamat dj rhom sa mix na ito!

DrStirringRhod said...

Glad you like it rey!! THANKS bro for dropping by!!