Jay "deejayyaj" Laforteza's WIP MIX

I guess we are just flooding this little blog of mine with a lot of REAL PINOY 80s NEW WAVE MIXES again since "The Doctor Is In" is still the FIRST and ORIGINAL and a sort of CATALYST to these things in the Blogosphere showcasing "The Best Of Pinoy New Wave Mixes". This time I'm PROUD to present you one of the DJs who mixes on "THE VAULT" none other than DJ Jay Laforteza aka. "deejayyaj" !! YUP!! I'm here to give you again another MIX SET coming from this great guy who has the love and passion to mix music especially NEW WAVE. According to DJ Jay, his musical influences comes from New Wave, Cold Wave, Dark Wave, Synthpop, Britpop, Post Punk, Punk, Punk Rock, Glam Rock... All genres from the 80s and also the 90s. But most of the time It's 80s, New Wave and House. He also like the 90s RnB era which he termed “pang tweatams”. Hmmmp!! Can it be "pa-cute effect"? He He He!! DJ Jay Laforteza learned mixing music way back 1985 at Discontrol Manila which was one of the first and finest mobile disco back in the 80s and he started mixing music LIVE in mobile parties back in 1989 . His first mobile was MUSIC TONE SOUND back in 1989 and then he joined Straight Edge Mobile in 1990 and QMS Mobile in 1991 with Dindo Lopez ( not Snoog....just the same name) of Cardinal Audio. His first step in DISCO DJs booth was 1991 at Spirits Discotheque. They played several times in radio stations with 80s and 90s music. Right now, he also shares his mixes on "THE VAULT" which is an Obscure Music Internet Radio headed by our good friend Benjie"The Wonder"Collantes.

So here goes Jay "deejayyaj" Laforteza's WIP MIX:


Chambers Of Hello - Wire Train
Always - Real Life
Crash - The Primitives
Take On Me - A-Ha
Sometime's A Fantasy - Billy Joel
Head Over Heals - Go-Gos
Just Got Lucky - The Joe Boxer
We Got The Beat - Go-Gos
I Got The Message - Men Without Hats
Never You Done That - General Public
Duel - Propaganda
We Built This City -The Starship

DOWNLOAD the "WIP MIX" here:

In A Chamber ......In A Chamber.....Hello..Hello..Hello started this cool mix that brings down the house loud. An XB classic from WIRE TRAIN that's also a favorite PINOY Slam Dance song back then. This was followed by last year's MANILA Visitor REAL LIFE with their classic POWER 105 EXCLUSIVE in "Always". Then we gonna "Crash" with THE PRIMITIVES. The beat is geting faster as we progress while singing Sometimes A Fantasy which was considered also a Party Anthem here in MANILA back then. As the party animals would sing on the beat in the dance floor. "It's just a fantasy..oooh ho hoo hooo .....It's not the real thing....oooh..ho hoo..hooo". Definitely, this MIX is the real thing. Whoooa!! Well, that's Head Over Heels and we Just Got Lucky that We Got The Beat of Deejayyaj here on "The Doctor Is In". I Got The Message and really enjoyed listening to this 80s Wave Mixset and I hope you guys did too. This isn't a Duel okay? Never You Done That? Hmmmp!! We are just remembering the good old days!! We Built This City here in the blogosphere!! Got my drift guys? He He He!! THANKS "deejayyaj" for bringing us back again in time which is worth the travel I may say. MABUHAY ka!! You could also listen to his Mixes from my friends from "THE VAULT" via LIVE 365 Internet Radio just check on his schedules.It's more than a wipcream....It's a Wip Mix!! Let's just ENJOY THE GOOD VIBES MUZIC MIX!!


Here's a simple message from Jay "deejayyaj" Laforteza:
It’s a pleasure for me to be featured and have a single space in your blog page. Thank you very much to Dr. Stirring Rhod for having me here, thank you also for those who will appreciate and appreciated my mixes.Enjoy listening and happy downloading. Have Fun!!!!

It's Work In Progress with
deejayyaj WIP MIX!!


the beatmeister said...

hataw dj yaj from The Vault!

another cool mix feature docstir.


DrStirringRhod said...

YUP BEAT!! Great mix indeed!! Just featuring PINOY NEW WAVE MIXES at It's best!! :-) deejayyaj sharing it to us with Loooooooovvvvvve!! He He He!!



syempre from NOMIXX GROUPO yan the best!!!

DJ Mike A said...

i enjoy listening to this mix! yeah, remembering the good ol' days. thanx deejayyaj & docstir!

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS BOYET and DJ MIKE A. for dropping by!! :-) YUP!! One great NEW WAVE MIXSET indeed!!


DJ SnooG said...

Nice Mix. ^_^

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS Snoog!! :-)

J said...

Thanks a lot everyone for the comments.

Thanks againg Doc Stirring Rhod

DrStirringRhod said...

You're Welcome Deejayyaj!! Nice Mix indeed!! NEW WAVE RULES!!