Well, I have to say that what hit MANILA last weekend was the most devastating typhoon I've ever witnessed and experienced. I saw,I felt, I was moved and touched in the past few days of this natural calamity that just hit my country, the PHILIPPINES. The remnants of TYPHOON ONDOY was one terrible site!! Lives and Properties were lost and submerged by this CATASTROPHE. Many are still missing at the moment. A lot of stories and videos have already been read, heard and seen so personally I just wanna dedicate this blogpost of mine entitled "HEROES" for all my KABABAYANS who extended HELP and still continuing HELPING the victims of TYPHOON ONDOY. Two thumbs up for all of you especially those RESCUERS who also risk their lives to save others. Some of them even died saving people. SALUDO AKO SANYO!!! KEEP ON HELPING KABAYANS. Let's still PRAY for EVERYONE!! I'm involve right now as a volunteer to also help our KABAYANS in my very own little way so don't worry your friendly neighborhood Dr. Stirring Rhod is still fine. THANK GOD!! It's PINOY BAYANIHAN SPIRIT which is ALIVE right now here in the PHILIPPINES. MABUHAY kayo lahat KABAYANS!! YUP!! All parts of Philippine Society are one indeed in the SPIRIT of HELPING EACH OTHER. Very touching scenario guys!! I tell you!! Very Touching indeed!! The feeling is OVERWHELMING!! I just hope and pray that there would be no more typhoons like this one coming over here in the Philippines since these people who were badly affected have to yet recover. As of the moment, according to the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration better known as P.A.G.A.S.A. there are two more typhoons that would enter the PHILIPPINE area of responsibility within this week. Wow!! Hope everything would be okay here in MANILA this coming week. GOD BLESS US!!

I uploaded two music videos of "HEROES" which I dedicate to all HEROES which also includes the Unsung HEROES that have helped those affected by "TYPHOON ONDOY". The original version from "DAVID BOWIE" from the Legendary 1985 LIVE AID CONCERT and the version of "THE WALLFLOWERS".


- David Bowie Lyrics


I'll leave you with a PINOY FOLK/ROCK CLASSIC SING-ALONG-VIDEO entitled "MASDAN MO ANG KAPALIGIRAN" from Legendary PINOY FOLK/ROCK Band which goes by the name "ASIN"(Salt In ENGLISH). KABAYAN and EVERYONE, this is just to remind us that we have to really TAKE CARE of our NATURAL ENVIRONMENT. Please do take note of the lyrics of this great song which is in TAGALOG. I find this song very relevant right now regarding what had happened and what will still happen in the future regarding GLOBAL WARMING. So everybody here in the planet must really take good care of our environment and EARTH is the only planet we have. THANKS AGAIN GUYS for dropping by my little blog "The Doctor Is In". GOD BLESS!!

We could all be HEROES
.....in our very own little way!!

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