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In anticipation of the IDENTITY CRISIS Reunion on REQUIEM's "REBEL YELL", I decided to feature again the Legendary Pinoy Gothic Band "IDENTITY CRISIS" here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In" by featuring Archived Articles of the band from 1988 to 1990 which COOL CARLA shared back in March 2006. YUP!! THANKS to COOL CARLA we can reminisce again the IDENTITY CRISIS so definitely It's another trip down memory lane "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way". The band's reunion according to the group will also be a sort of tribute to the late "BOGS AMBROSIO" who was their Bass Player who passed away two years ago (February 9, 2009). IDENTITY CRISIS became one of the pioneering alternative bands in the Philippines which was formed back in 1986 composed of Carla Arbaya aka. "Cool Carla" on Lead Vocals, Buddy 'Boy' Arceo on Vocals, Leni Llapitan on Keyboards & Programming, Resty Cornejo on Guitars, Bogs Ambrosio on Bass, and Marvin Mendiola on Drums. Of course, every PINOY NEW WAVER/PUNK knows that they released two albums back then namely "TALE OF TWO" in 1987 and "WATER CAME RUNNING" in 1990 which I have both on Cassette Tape Formats which you can see on my archived Identity Crisis blogpost I created back in September 7, 2007. Wheew!! That's also Four Years ago!! Up until now PINOY NEW WAVERS are still hoping that these two albums will be remastered in CD Formats. That would be totally cool right KABAYANS? Are we all wishing for a falling star? One great band who was also coined back in the 80s as "The Band who's ahead of their time".

So here it goes, may I present you archived articles of IDENTITY CRISIS all courtesy of COOL CARLA. THANKS Cool Carla!!

May-June 1988 Issue

We start off with an interesting and very colorful article of IDENTITY CRISIS on the Legendary Philippine Alternative Music Magazine "THE SCORE MAGAZINE". It's the feature on "SCORE FOCUS" entitled "NOT A CRISIS AFTER ALL". The interview was done by CRISTINA SALES and by reading it, I found the article focusing on the real Identity of IDENTITY CRISIS in terms of their music, lyrics, and their performances on gigs. When asked about the subject on drugs, the members mentioned that the band is "STRAIGHT" although they do a lot of drinking after every concert but nothing dealing on drugs.

So when asked about the influences of Cool Carla on music, definitely everyone knows that SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES top the list. Another influences she mentioned was COCTEAU TWINS, THIS MORTAL COIL, and DEAD CAN DANCE. Their compositions according to Cool Carla were heavily inspired by these bands which according to her "It's something you don't hear everyday, not too heavy nor too light". Well, I just transcribed some of the contents of the articles. Ha Ha Ha!! One great PINOY BAND that really made a mark in the PINOY UNDERGROUND Scene.

March 1989 Issue

On this JINGLE MAGAZINE Issue back in 1989, two articles about IDENTITY CRISIS were written by BERT JR. and PSYKOKEELER. "TALE OF IDENTITY CRISIS" by Bert Jr. and "RECOGNIZING ONE'S IDENTITY" by Psykokeeler are both interesting articles which discussed about the band's humble beginnings and their "PORTABLE PLAYGROUND" Gig Series. It was written here that IDENTITY CRISIS was formed mid 1985 by both Leni Llapitan and Resty Cornejo who knew each other during their college days. Bogs Ambrosio and Marvin Mendiola were hustled in preceding the band's original male vocalist Buddy Arceo. After the band's very first Gig at TIME SQUARE, they hurled in WXB102 Jock Cool Carla to be their Lead Vocalist and the rest was history I may say. Btw, Resty was the one who came up with the band's name "IDENTITY CRISIS" due to the members different musical influences from Jazz, New Age, Classical to New Wave. Wheeew!! Definitely a crisis indeed don't you think?Well, I guess that's another transcribed article by yours truly. Ha Ha Ha!! I just love this nostalgic trip!! Btw, I just remembered Buddy mentioning on their Reunion Guesting on NU 107's "BALLAD OF THE TIMES" last year 2010 that he still have a copy of the band's early gig minus Cool Carla when he was still the lead vocalist of the band on Betamax Tape. Hmmp? That would be a great video clip to watch and hoping he could share it to all of us.

July 1990 Issue

This last article of IDENTITY CRISIS I'm featuring right now was taken from the "PLATINUM MAG" which was written by DIDITH GONZALES and it focused on the band's feelings just before any performances and gigs. The author expressed her great admiration of the band and mentioned seeing them performed at a place called "CLUB A." and loves their song "IMAGINING OKTOBER". According to the members, IDENTITY CRISIS is a combination of both work and play so when It becomes work then the fun's over. I guess that's my last transcribed article for today's blogpost.

I hope you enjoyed another trip down memory lane here on "The Doctor Is In" giving tribute to a Legendary Pinoy Band called "IDENTITY CRISIS". I'll leave you with a Video Clip from the MYX AWARDS Night that featured RICO BLANCO of RIVERMAYA together with two members of IDENTITY CRISIS namely Cool Carla and Leni Llapitan back in March 15, 2007 which was few months before I finally created this little blog of mine back in August 24, 2007. YUP!! This video clip was also Four Years Old like my blog. He He He!! Like what I usually say here on my blog "MUSIC MATTERS, AND MEMORIES OF IT MATTERS MOST". So get ready KABAYANS for the upcoming IDENTITY CRISIS Reunion!! THANKS AGAIN for dropping by!!



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