The Wild Swans "The Platinum Collection"

THE WILD SWANS are a Post-punk band from Liverpool, England, which was originally formed back in 1980 whose core members had all been key players on the legendary Liverpool Eric's club scene. The band first came together when their vocalist, PAUL SIMPSON left the Teardrop Explodes with whom he had been playing keyboards in late 1979. Simpson formed THE WILD SWANS few months later with keyboardist and pianist GED QUINN, and JEREMY KELLY with whom he had spent a year previously rehearsing in an untitled and unrecorded local band. One great band that PINOY NEW WAVERS really love. THE WILD SWANS were first introduced here in MANILA by NU 107 back in 1988 with the song "BRINGING HOME THE ASHES". The band immediately click on the taste of Pinoy Music Enthusiasts back in the 80s because of the haunting and cool vocals of Paul Simpson. YUP!! The man who made also a mark here in MANILA because of his previous band "CARE". The next MANILA hit was "WHIRLPOOL HEART" which was also introduced by NU 107. Actually, the whole "BRINGING HOME THE ASHES" album made it big here in MANILA and a must-have for all PINOY NEW WAVERS since all tracks had their airplay from NU 107, POWER 105 DZBM, and 99.5 RT. We will get through the details of each hits when I will feature the album itself here on my blog so just stay tune for that. THE WILD SWANS' next album which was "SPACE FLOWER" didn't made that much impact comparing to "Bringing Home The Ashes" and the song "MELTING BLUE DELICIOUS" was the only song that got airplay here in MANILA which was also introduced by NU 107 back in 1990. In the past years, there were already a lot of rumors circulating about the possibility of THE WILD SWANS coming over here in MANILA to do some concerts. Up until now, all of this remained as an imaginary thought.

THE WILD SWANS "The Platinum Collection" was originally released only here in the Philippines back in 2006. Everyone I knew who loves this band was just excited as I am to know this CD released in our local record bars. Wheeeew!! I just missed buying music materials in the record bars. Nowadays, you just can't seem to get a good buy anymore if you visit the record bar here in the Philippines. Recently, there was this news about the Top 5 business around the world that will get extinct for the next 5 years and sad to say "RECORD BARS" are included. This CD compilation collects all 10 tracks from "Bringing Home The Ashes" as well as 8 of the 10 tracks from its follow up "Space Flower". The two tracks from "Space Flower" which were both not included were "Tangerine Temple" and "Vanilla Melange". I will feature both albums of "The Wild Swans" here my little blog "The Doctor Is In" in the future. Definitely, this CD is another must-have for PINOY NEW WAVERS and it's very affordable. The Wild Swans were only intermittently active through the 1980s. The band's first split occurred very soon after their debut of "Bringing Home The Ashes" and resulted in Kelly starting up The Lotus Eaters with co-founder Peter Coyle. Simpson followed suit with the Care project, teaming up with Ian Broudie. Space Flower was produced by Ian Broudie with participation of Chris Sharrock on drums and Ian McNabb on additional guitars and vocals of the Liverpool three piece. THE ICICLE WORKS appeared as guest musicians. Broudie contributed on both guitars and organ to fill in the vacuum created by departed members Quinn and Kelly. Simpson refers to this latter version of the band as simply, 'himself and a few friends'. I guess that's well said!! Just in case you still don't have a copy of this CD and you wanted to have one, I made the CD available for download for your listening pleasure. Most of you may have the original CD already and that's good because my blog still encourage you guys to buy the original materials. Paul Simpson released a material as THE WILD SWANS last 2006 with "LIQUID MERCURY". The Wild Swans will also release a new album this year 2011 entitled "The Coldest Winter for a Hundred Years" which will be accompanied by a U.K. Tour and a probable concert here in MANILA . That would be cool and awesome!! Of course with a different line-up. ENJOY THE MUZIC!!

THE WILD SWANS "The Platinum Collection"

01. Bringing Home The Ashes
02. Young Manhood
03. Bible Dreams
04. Whirlpool Heart
05. Northern England
06. Mythical Beast
07. Melting Blue Delicious
08. Chocolate Bubblegum
09. I’m A Lighthouse
10. The Worst Year Of My Life
11. Butterfly Girl
12. Space Flower
13. Magic Hotel
14. Bitterness
15. Now And Forever
16. Immaculate
17. Archangels
18. Sea Of Tranquility


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Personally, I'm still hoping that THE WILD SWANS will finally perform Live In Manila in the near future. Let's just cross our fingers KABAYANS. THANKS for dropping by!!

It's Wilder than


giselle said...


It's me Giselle, tito Jesse and me are bringing them over as promised and this will be on OCTOBER 1, 2011 (Saturday) at 1 Esplanade MOA, Sm Central Business Park Seaside Corner Bay Boulevard, Pasay City, Philippines....tickets to be announced soon...

Please click or copy-paste this link in facebook to find out more:


...and yes, Paul will be singing songs from Care:-)

skyray is love,

DrStirringRhod said...

Hi Miss G.!! Nice to hear from you!! Pogz advertised it on my Chatbox. Well, that's good if the concert will finally push through. I'm very much excited to see THE WILD SWANS Live in Manila. THANKS for the added info and for dropping by my blog!!

giselle said...

No probs Doc and hope to see you during the meet and greet (to be announced) and during the concert:-)

skyray is love,

DrStirringRhod said...

Feel Free to add more Infos about THE WILD SWANS LIVE IN MANILA CONCERT here in my blogpost. :-) THANKS again Miss G.!!

giselle said...

Hello Doc,

Just an update: OPENING FOR THE WILD SWANS: SID and Kudos Loves 80s for the Manila Show.

skyray is love,

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS for the update Miss G.!! :-)

giselle said...

LATEST INFO : The WILD SWANS live in the PHILIPPINES....FREE LTD. Event shirt for the 1st 200 VIP Ticket buyers....Ticket prices TBA next week.

Do tune in to The Wild Swans event page for more details: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=114841191930839 SID and Kudos Loves 80s will front act for the band in the Manila show:-)

giselle said...

Hello Doc,

Here' some more updates for you and those tuned in:

Kindly be informed that the ticket prices for both the MANILA and CEBU gigs are the following:


Gold -- php 2,500.00

Silver -- php 1,500.00

NOTE FURTHER: Other merchandise such as T-Shirts in Particular will be brought in by The Wild Swans and will only be sold during the event days itself.

For those that have written or texted me personally, kindly re-confirm your ticket reservations with me so that I could immediately list you.


SEPTEMBER 30, 2011
Grand Ballroom
Waterfront Hotel
Lahug, Cebu City


OCTOBER 1, 2011
One Esplanade
Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City, Metro Manila

skyray is love,

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS Miss G. for the update!! :-) More power to you guys!!

giselle said...

Hello Everyone,

For those that reserved for Manila:

Meet up will be on AUGUST 16, 2011 at the HARD ROCK CAFE MAKATI
LEVEL 3, GLORIETTA III, AYALA CENTER, MAKATI CITY, Philippines. (Apologies for capitalizing on the letters.) BETWEEN 2PM-6PM.


For Cebu, venue and time as well as the date will be announced at the soonest possible time.

Gold -- php 2,500.00
Silver -- php 1,500.00

For inquires AND reservations, kindly get in touch with Giz Roque Palma (Giselle Roque) at 09087558571.

For Cebu, Please get in touch with the Sonicpop Group at the following numbers for your reservations (for those that have not reserved):

For Cebu Leg:
SonicPop Group
Mobile no.: 09173853416 | 09227205931
Email: sonicpopgroup@yahoo.com

Thank you.

skyray is love,

PS---Doc, kita kits:D Muazzhies!!!

giselle said...

Please be reminded of the following:


Ticket Pick - Up for the Manila Leg at The Hard Rock Cafe, G3, Ayala Center, Makati City between 2PM-6PM.


Ticket Pick - Up for the Cebu leg at The Holiday Plaza Lobby, Ramos Street, Cebu City between 2PM-6PM.

Kindly text your reservations to me, Giselle Roque (Giz Roque Palma) at 0908-7558571 (MANILA) or The SonicPop Group at Mobile no.: 09173853416 | 09227205931.

PLEASE INDICATE the following once you text, cal on the numbers abovel or send us a private message:

(Your name), Place of Reservation (Manila or Cebu), the ticket grade (VIP, Gold, or Silver), the number of tickets AND we will confirm upon receipt.


For those reserving for the VIP Tickets: The EVENT PROMO SHIRTS IS INCLUSIVE of the ticket AND WILL NEVER BE SOLD as part of any merchandise or promotional offers. Only those that availed of the VIP tickets ARE ENTITLED to the event promo shirts.

Once more, ticket prices for CEBU and MANILA:

V.I.P. ---------------------- Php 3,500.00 (with FREE limited Promotional Event Shirt, only available for this ticket range and for the fan's memorabilia)

Gold ----------------------- Php 2,500.00

Silver ----------------------- Php 1,500.00

Thank you very much for making this dream come true!

skyray is love,

giselle said...

Hello Everyone,

AUGUST 23, 2011 @ The Hard Rock Cafe, G3, Ayala Center, Makati City between 2PM-7PM: Second meet up for those that were not able to get their tickets (The Wild Swans) due to the bad weather, a few promo event shirts waiting up for grabs when you purchase the VIP tickets. Please PM or text me ASAP for reservations.

cell number: 09087558571

PLEASE INDICATE the following: Manila (space) Name (space) ticket grade (space) how many tickets.

NOTE: THE PROMO EVENT SHIRT will NOT be sold elsewhere and this is FREE for those that will purchase the VIP tickets.

NOTE NO.2: The event shirt comes in XL, L, M, S.

Thank you and God bless. Many thanks to those that were able to come and nice to have met you:-)

skyray is love,

Tamaryn brown said...

this link isnt working and I cant find out how to get this album anywhere! please reupload thetamaryn@gmail.com <3