APRIL SHOWERS were a Glaswegian Indiepop duo formed back in 1981 composed of JONATHAN BERNSTEIN and BEATRICE COLIN. Originally, It was a three man band composed of Jonathan Berstein, Hubble, and Bobby Caldwell who worked with a variety of instrumentalists and singers and submitted demo songs for OPERATION TWILIGHT Record Label which they had an unreleased 7" single entitled "While The City Sleeps". Actually, a lot of their demos didn't see the light of being released. Then came Beatrice Colin who was a former member of the band called French Impressionist. After the early gigs and demo of French Impressionist, singer Beatrice was let go then she became a member of "April Showers" thus the duo of Berstein and Colin was born. Well, this is "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" of giving due credit to the duo who made a mark for PINOY NEW WAVERS back in the 80s. Since It's the month of APRIL at this moment of the year 2011, then I'll SHOWER you with this exclusive blogpost of mine about the band. APRIL SHOWERS were first introduced here in MANILA by POWER 105 DZBM back in 1985 by playing the classic song "ABANDON SHIP". This song was very popular here in MANILA because it was also included on the Legendary Philippine New Wave Vinyl Compilation entitled "IT'S CALLED NEW MUSIC" which I have already featured here on "The Doctor Is In" way back September 22. 2007. Wheeew!! I can't believe it's almost four years ago. "ABANDON SHIP" is Track 4 of Side B of that classic compilation and became a hit here for PINOY NEW WAVERS back in the 80s since it was also played by WXB 102 and NU 107 back then. It was also included on one of the 90s Legendary Philippine Bootleg Compilation "NEW WAVE DIARY" CD series. YUP!! I will still feature THE REAL "NEW WAVE DIARY" CD Series here on my little blog so stay tune okay. When I say REAL, It's the real CDs. "Abandon Ship" was also included in the 2006 Philippine release "BEST OF 100 MUSIC OF THE EIGHTIES" Six CD Boxset which I have also featured here in my little blog way back June 10, 2008 celebrating my 100th Blogpost back then. Would you believe that "Abandon Ship" was only a hit here in the Philippines and not in any other parts of the globe not even the duo's homeland? Hmmmp? That's how great the taste of PINOY if you talk about the NEW WAVE Genre. YUP!! ONLY HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES!! "APRIL SHOWERS" only release was the single “ABANDON SHIP" on BIG STAR which was a subsidiary of CHRYSALIS RECORDS in 1984. It was produced by ANNE DUDLEY (Art of Noise). "April Showers" have a repertoire built to last a lifetime and the musical matrimony of both Berstein and Colin made their sound very unique.

"ABANDON SHIP" 12" Vinyl Record is still one of the MOST EXPENSIVE RECORD I ever bought in the past decade. YUP!! Better not ask how much it cost me. Waaaah!! Well, I'm just glad it's worth the savings and definitely this record should not escape every Hardcore PINOY NEW WAVER like me. Btw, at the time "Abandon Ship" was released Beatrice Colin was the girlfriend of James Grant who was then part of FRIENDS AGAIN which is another band that's popular among PINOY NEW WAVERS. The B-Side entitled "EVERYTIME WE SAY GOODBYE" never really hit MANILA's airwaves back in the 80s but It was first played by 103.5 K-LITE's "LITEWAVE" back in 2003 when my fellow collectors who frequent the radio program converted an Original Vinyl into mp3. It then became a massive hit for PINOY NEW WAVERS who haven't heard of the song before. Most listeners were even surprised to know that the song was sung by "APRIL SHOWERS". The radio ad for "FREE STATE SOUND" which was JAM 88.3's Defunct New Wave Radio Program also included "Everytime We Say Goodbye" and this was the part when the English Accent Female mentioned the word "Obscure" on that said radio program ad. Definitely, another cool song from APRIL SHOWERS!!

Do you know that the Record Label where "Abandon Ship"was released had a LOGO that looks like a PHILIPPINE FLAG? YUP!! Check out my record and you'll see the resemblance to our very own flag KABAYANS. Too much coincidence don't you think guys?

The Philippine Flag and Big Star Logo

Photograph: Paul Cox
Illustration: Ross Renwick
Design: Stephen Horsfall

So what ever happened to Berstein and Colin after "April Showers"? Tracking down the whereabouts of the duo is not that easy as you think because the only member that is visible right now is Beatrice Colin who after graduating from the University of Glasgow worked as a journalist for the arts and features pages of publications including The Scotsman, Sunday Herald and The Guardian. YUP!! Miss Colin became an author of six published works namely Disappearing Act, My Invisible Sister, Nude Untitled, The Luminous Life of Lilly Aphrodite, The Glimmer Palace,and The Songwriter. I included a photo of her works which I arranged the way I mentioned it. Beatrice also completed her doctorate and was a Royal Literary Fellow at Strathclyde University. She also has spoken at numerous festivals including the Edinburgh Book Festival and is currently a mentor for the Scottish Book Trust. Definitely, a promising writer in Scotland.

Beatrice Colin's works

Well how about her partner Jonathan? There's a certain Jonathan Berstein who is the author "Pretty In Pink: The Golden Age Of Teen Movies" which was an extremely an un-intellectual look at the 80s, taking in every genre from slasher to gross-out and paying extended homage to the John Hughes film but none was mentioned to confirm if he was the Berstein of "April Showers" since this was his very first book and he was also born in Scotland and loves Scottish Music. If someone could shed a light on this and I'll be very much grateful.

LISTEN to "ABANDON SHIP" while it spins on my TURNTABLE:




Unreleased single back in 1983 under Operation Twilight Record label:
Tracks: While The City Sleeps / Wasn't That A Rainbow
Managed by Charles Cosh.
Written by Jonathan Bernstein
Published by Fishersongs. Recorded but never cut.


Late last year just before CHRISTMAS 2010 I had a chance to visit Last FM and found three songs from a band called "April Showers". At first I was really excited to know that there exist other songs from them but I was disappointed to know that this "April Showers" are not the same band that we used to know here in MANILA. Their songs might sound like them, but then again listening to it carefully, it's definitely not Bernstein and Colin. I uploaded one song here for you to judge.


There's also the Five-piece French all-girl ukulele pop band who call themselves "APRIL SHOWER" without the "S" on "SHOWERS". This group mixes girl group harmonies, odd electronic and dreamlike songs.

Filipino Indie Band "THAT LINGERING FEELING" did a cover of "April Showers" song "Abandon Ship" which was part of the Philippine Indie Compilation "UNDER THE COVERS" which I already featured also here in my blog last January 6, 2010. Just check my "FILIPINO INDIEPOP SCENE" Blogpost on my LABELS.


"Abandon Ship" was also included on the 2004 MARINA RECORDS Double Disc Compilation called "AVE MARINA".

Well If you already miss the voice of Beatrice Colin, I included a simple audio of her interview when she was promoting her book entitled "THE SONGWRITER".


CLICK the photo to enter my "IT'S CALLED NEW MUSIC" blogpost:

Ill leave you with the INSTRUMENTAL VERSION of "ABANDON SHIP" and that's not all. I included the LYRICS of ABANDON SHIP which I personally made in this exclusive blogpost of mine so that you can sing along with me. I made up the lyrics by myself by thoroughly listening to the song and hopefully I got all of them right. If there's any corrections then feel free to tell me and we will make the necessary adjustments. I extracted a few lines as bonus since it was written on the back sleeves of the record cover. YUP!! FIRST TIME IN THE WEB .....the "Abandon Ship" Lyrics only here on "The Doctor Is In". Actually there are lots of "FIRST TIME" here in my little blog that were copied before by other sites and still being copied right now wherein giving due credits to my blog were not given. Unfortunately, most of them are fellow KABAYANS. Naaaah!! What else is new right? Well, as I what I have said before. "OFTEN IMITATED, NEVER DUPLICATED!!"

LISTEN TO "Abandon Ship" Instrumental HERE:


(First time in the World Wide Web)

Midnight bells are ringing now,
Another year dissolves,
While everybody is hand in hand
In singing now
I don’t feel to involved.

Clinging to my sea side at first;
There’s Laughter and Lullabies.
Oh would you send me someone so well
Who can help me escape from across.

Abandon Ship
Before my troubles
Start to rise above me.
Abandon Ship
Why don’t you come on in
The World is lovely.

Take my hand and dance with me
And please don’t say a word.
All you have to do is take a chance with me
I don’t know if you’ve heard.

I might not be here tomorrow
Why should go and leave?
So why not steal the time
That isn’t ours to borrow
And before you speak

Abandon Ship
Before my troubles
Start to rise above me.
Abandon Ship
Why don’t you come on in
The World is lovely.

Follow me,
I know a place where we could live
All alone for a million years.

We could be;
It only take with destiny.
Close the door
Make sure that no one hears.

Then one year and after the other,
We’re running all the rest.
While everyone around me seems to run for cover
I can’t get out of bed.

Meet me here
This time next year.
We must do this again.
While everybody else
Is drowning in their tears.
I still remember when.

Abandon Ship
Before my troubles
Start to rise above me.
Abandon Ship
Why don’t you come on in
The World is lovely.


I guess that's all for my exclusive "APRIL SHOWERS" blogpost. I hope you ENJOYED another trip down memory lane. THANKS for dropping by again!!

It's a hot summer!!
We need some APRIL SHOWERS!!


muffineer said...

Nice info doc on april showers... Baka pwede naman pakilagay yung dalawang kanta.. Bukod sa abandon ship at everytime we say goodbye.. For download pls. Thanks.

DrStirringRhod said...

Hello Ian!! Nice to see you again in my blog. You can download the other two songs if you have a REAL PLAYER installed on your PC. THANKS for dropping a line!! :-)