ALL SPORTS BAND was an American Rock group from Cleveland formed back in 1981 composed of MICHAEL JOHN TOSTE (Lead Vocalist), CY SULACK (Guitarist), ALFONSO CAREY (Bassist), CHUCK KENTIS (Keyboardist), and JIMMY "The Boxer" CLARK (Drummer). This band was considered to be a maligned gimmick created by TRACY COATS wherein the concept was based from THE VILLAGE PEOPLE. YUP!! You got it right KABAYANS!! It's a sort of a ripped-off so instead of those Village People Costumes, this band wears different Sports Wear as their name implied "ALL SPORTS BAND". Well, here in the Philippines we have our very own Village People look-alike group who were known as "HAGIBIS" which really became popular too on the same time the Village People became famous. Tracy Coats took it upon himself to create a similarly themed "band" who would inherit the throne of the then faltering Village People. He was the one who drafted two former Village People backing musicians into the lineup and also added three more players to complete this band. "All Sports Band" then became a sports themed band complete with appropriately costumed members who could utilize various props to bring the concept true to it's name. The band had a kick boxer, baseball player,football player, race car driver, and a boxer. Interesting don't you think? Of course, they are not real players okay. It's just an image for the band. Btw, the kick boxer was originally conceptualized as a hockey player, but was switched when they realized skates would be pretty hard to wear onstage. Hmmmp? Just imagine wearing skates while playing on stage.

The "ALL SPORTS BAND" was introduced here in MANILA by 99.5 RT "Rhythm Of The City" back in 1982 with the song "OPPOSITES DO ATTRACT" which remained an "RT EXCLUSIVE". YUP!! It was only heard and played by 99.5 RT back in the 80s. Regular RT Listeners will definitely remember this song. Personally, I love the song and up until now I still love singing along with it. Wheeew!! I don't care about those cheesy outfits that these guys wore or their concept, the important thing is that the song is great. Although "All Sports Band" managed to chart twice in the Top 100 and had an appearance on American Bandstand, audiences just weren't buying into the whole idea because they were merely a cheesy idea that never truly came off. "All Sports Band" was so widely reviled at the time, that no tour was ever booked and no followup album was ever planned and finally their story ended by early 1982.

Well I bought their one and only album just for their "OPPOSITES DO ATTRACT" song. Nothing more and nothing less!! He He He!! I uploaded the song and made it available for download just in case you still don't have it. I also included the lyrics in this exclusive blogpost of mine so that you can sing along with me. Ha Ha Ha! Well, It's "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" of remembering this "ONE HIT WONDER" band called "ALL SPORTS BANDS" which was a 99.5 RT EXCLUSIVE. When 103.5 K-LITE was still on MANILA's airwaves they also included this song on their playlist but that was on the 90s already. I hope you enjoyed another trip down memory lane. THANKS for dropping by!!


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Opposites Do Attract!!

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