SNEAK ATTACK was the Legendary WXB 102 Party which made a mark back in the 80s for PINOY NEW WAVERS/PUNKS. YUP!! It was one of those "102 Parties" that was very memorable back on those days. It was so successful that a sequel was made so It was "SNEAK ATTACK" and "SNEAK ATTACK 2". I was only able to attend the Part Two which was held at the ATRIUM in MAKATI. Last month March 2011, I passed by THE ATRIUM in MAKATI and instantly remembered this Legendary 102 Party and it just popped up my mind that I'll create a special blogpost about it. The "ATRIUM" is very different right now compared to 24 years ago when the party was held there. Since there's no known "Sneak Attack" article yet in the world wide web so I decided to make a special blogpost about this Legendary 102 party. YUP!! It's"The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" of remembering "SNEAK ATTACK" and it's exclusively here on "The Doctor Is In" so I hope you'll enjoy another trip down memory lane.

"SNEAK ATTACK" was first held at "RIZAL THEATER MAKATI" back in MAY 7, 1986 Wednesday Evening. The guest bands then were "CHARLOTTE RUSSE", "IDENTITY CRISIS", "SAKE", and "THE DAWN". Dance Mobile Production by THE PREPPIES and WXB 102 with guest Music Mobiles HARMONIC TREND, EYEBALL DUB, and MODE ZERO.

"SNEAK ATTACK 2" was the followup to the successful 102 Party "SNEAK ATTACK" and that's exactly after a year. This time it was held at "THE ATRIUM MAKATI" back in May 6, 1987. YUP!! It was again held on a Wednesday Evening and a month before WXB 102 had their final broadcast. All four bands who were present on the first party were again present in this sequel namely "CHARLOTTE RUSSE", "SAKE", "THE DAWN", and "IDENTITY CRISIS" with two additional guest bands and they were "VIOLENT PLAYGROUND" and "KHUMB MELA". Dance Mobile Productions by JESCAM and WXB 102 with the return of the three original Music Mobiles EYEBALL DUB. HARMONIC TREND, and MODE ZERO but this time two additional mobiles were included namely WAVE and ZOU.

Of course the Legendary WXB 102 DJs:

Here's my exclusive DIY Vintage Collage Photos of the XB DJs circa 80s:

George Frederick
Julius Caesar

The Ghost
Morning Man
Allan K.
Mickey The Clown

Cool Carla was present with the IDENTITY CRISIS:

(Photo Courtesy of Nilo X)

Well, this would never happen without WXB 102 Station Manager back then none other than the Legend himself Mr. Jessie Gonzales.

Well, I took two photos of my visit to THE ATRIUM recently so that you'll see what It looks like nowadays.

I hope you guys enjoyed my special "SNEAK ATTACK" blogpost. Btw, the XB Radio Ad of both "SNEAK ATTACK" and "SNEAK ATTACK 2" are also classics. If anyone of you KABAYANS have a Vintage Audio Clip of it then it would be nice to share it to everyone. "SNEAK ATTACK 2" was one great party even though my friends and I arrived late and missed out some highlights. He He He!! I'm just glad to be there !! One of those occasions I got the chance to attend a 102 Party. THANKS for the memories DWXB 102.7 FM broadcasting on the bay area!! The Station The Dares To Be Different!! THANKS again guys for dropping by my little blog!!

Special THANKS also to MORNING MAN and ALDRIN of HARMONIC TREND for the pictures and posters I used which I manipulated to spice up my blogpost. Btw, I have already featured both these guys here in my blog before just check out my archives.

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edgardo said...

doc-please check us out...we are now bringing "requiem rising" to singapore this may 28. please support us like you did when we did the "requiem rising" in san francisco last 11.20.10 please check us out at facebook....under "requiem rising singapore". salamat sir! "requiem rising" will be coming manila very soon with familiar bands to reminisce the original "requiem".
incidentally one of the bands "cajooters" has jay paloma of nursery rhymes and ronnie amrosio....brother to bogs ambrosio. this will be a sentimental ode to bogs in some sorts.

DrStirringRhod said...

Well, that's nice to know edgardo. Btw, maybe we could feature Nursery Rhymes here in my blog. Kaw na bahala pag interesado sila. Salamat ulit sa pagbisita!!