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John Wilden Hughes, Jr. aka. JOHN HUGHES (February 18, 1950 – August 6, 2009) was an American film director, producer, and screenwriter who directed and scripted some of the most successful films of the 1980s and 1990s. One of my favorite 80s directors of my generation. I already made a tribute about him before here in my blog when he passed away last 2009. Together with that John Hughes blogpost I made was a photo of the Video CDs (VCDs) of his seven films which I bought back in 2008. Last year 2010, these seven Film VCDs were released here in MANILA on two DVD Boxsets to my delight. YUP!! I was glad it became available here in the Philippines at a much affordable price than if you'll purchase each DVDs abroad. Of course I didn't escape such opportunity to buy the John Hughes DVD Boxsets which I'm now featuring here on "The Doctor Is In". A must-have for PINOY NEW WAVERS even though it's not the musical score but the films themselves are all considered classics and they are all much oriented on the musical genre called NEW WAVE. So KABAYANS if you still don't have these great DVDs try to check out the Record and Video Shops and get your copies. It would definitely give you one heck of a NOSTALGIC TRIP!! That I assure you and It's really cool for your collection.

The First DVD Boxset was entitled "I LOVE 80s MOVIES" which included Four John Hughes Films namely PRETTY IN PINK, FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL, and SHE'S HAVING A BABY.

The Second DVD Boxset was entitled "THREE 80s CLASSICS" which included Three John Hughes Films namely THE BREAKFAST CLUB. SIXTEEN CANDLES, and WEIRD SCIENCE.

DVD Back Covers

These are Two Great DVD Boxsets to remember JOHN HUGHES who was popular with my generation. Well, I'm not going to the details of each films because I'll feature all of them here on my blog so just stay tune for that.

JOHN HUGHES quit Hollywood back in 1994, but was said to have left behind some boxes of notebooks and computer files containing film ideas and screenplays after his death last 2009. One of John Hughes' lost movies is reportedly set for a posthumous release. The Big Bosses at Paramount Pictures have purchased the rights to Hughes' unfilmed script entitled "Grisby's Go Broke" which was about a dysfunctional Chicago family who lose all their money when the economy slumps. This is considered as one of John Hughes' lost movies which is reportedly set for a posthumous release.

Last year March 7, 2010 at the 82nd ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS there was a tribute to John Hughes' life and works. YUP!! It's the OSCARS giving the tribute to the man himself. This was a retrospective of clips from his classic films which was followed by cast members including Molly Ringwald, Matthew Broderick, Macaulay Culkin, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Anthony Michael Hall and Jon Cryer. A great tribute I may say for the man which made a mark in 80s teen movies!! A wonderful gathering on stage to commemorate the man and his contributions to the film industry.

Here's a film clip of that great tribute at the OSCARS which I divided into two parts:



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