"CHINA CRISIS Live in Liverpool" is a DVD of the band's concert which was released by Pickwick back in February 2006. It contains 15 Tracks of Audio-Visual clarity of the said event with a running time of 52 minutes. If you have watched CHINA CRISIS twice Live In Manila back in 2002 and 2011 like me, then this DVD is a must for you to remember their music LIVE in concert. Well, it is available here in the Philippines in an affordable price so KABAYANS get your original copy. Recently, my country has a sort of China Crisis in a way because three Kabayans were executed last week March 30, 2011 in China due to cases of drug trafficking. We will not discuss about that, but that was indeed a sad day for us here in the Philippines. Let's just PRAY for their souls guilty or not guilty. That's not the case of course with this DVD that I'm featuring right now. GREAT SET of songs indeed by GARY DALY and EDDIE LUNDON. Awesome performance by the duo with the help of other musicians in the set. I really find the set-up of the stage very refreshing and cool. I also love the sound of violin!! There's a special participation of PETER COYLE of LOTUS EATERS who was also a MANILA visitor back in 2002. Hmmmp? Interesting both of them have visited MANILA. Peter Coyle did the vocals for the song "Here Comes A Rain Cloud" which was really good for your eardrum. The versions of "WISHFUL THINKING", "BLACK MAN RAY", and "AFRICAN AND WHITE" were reminiscent of their "ACOUSTICALLY YOURS" CD which I have featured here on my little blog last February 26 ,2011. Definitely, this DVD is one for your collection.

Btw, I also bought a Bootleg DVD Copy of this at QUIAPO which has a different title. Ha Ha Ha!! YUP!! This version was entitled "CHINA CRISIS Wishful Thinking Live In Concert". Hmmmp? Talking about changes ah. He He He!! I watched this bootleg version and it was totally the same thing with only mild difference like the INTRO Selection for the start of the set.

The funny thing about this QUIAPO Version was that there were a lot of TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS on the titles. Look at the photo and spot the wrong titles. Although this also contains 15 Tracks, the print out label only specified Tracks 1-10 and didn't include anymore the so-called EXTRAS which were Tracks 11-15. Btw, this was MADE IN CHINA. Perfect for the blogpost don't you think?

"CHINA CRISIS Live In Liverpool" DVD

1. No More Blue Horizons
2. Wishful Thinking
3. Here Comes A Rain Cloud
4. It's Everything
5. Christian
6. Black Man Ray
7. King In A Catholic Style
8. Singing The Praises Of Finer Things
9. Working With Fire And Steel
10. Diary Of A Hollow Horse

11. Everyday The Same
12. Thank You
13. Good Again
14. Hands On The Wheel
15. African And White

Check out my ACOUSTICALLY YOURS blogpost and download my CD.

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LIVE in LIVErpool

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