SNOOG's halloweeNINE MIX

Hello everyone!! Here I am again giving you the BEST OF PINOY NEW WAVE MIXES in the blogosphere. HALLOWEEN is fast approaching so It's time to HOWL some NEW WAVE MIX again. Where else? But on the FIRST and ORIGINAL website that features the great PINOY MIXES on the GENRE that's called NEW WAVE......."The Doctor Is In". It's my priviledge to hand down another Mixset from my good friend Dindo Lopez aka. SNOOG who helped me started this all which led my blog to be IMITATED. Ha Ha Ha!! Of course.... It will never be duplicated okay. He He He!! Nevertheless, let's just enjoy the MUZIC that's cut above the rest. "DARK ALL OVER MANILA III" is the official title of this 9th Mixset Contribution by Snoog here in my humble blog. Well, "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" will put is as "SNOOG's halloweeNINE MIX". Lately my country, the PHILIPPINES ,was affected by huge storms which claimed LIVES and PROPERTIES. Literally speaking, It was DARK ALL OVER MANILA. Not only here in MANILA but on most parts of LUZON. What you see right now in the picture is the MONUMENT of our NATIONAL HERO "DR. JOSE RIZAL" which is located at LUNETA PARK here in MANILA. Hmmmp!! Very Dark huh? Btw, nice cover Snoog!! Now, let's go for the KILL as we feature a sort of DARK WAVE MIXSET that would horrify you guys. It's another THRILLER and KILLER!! So listen up guys and enjoy your trip again down memory lane but this time much darker than before.


SNOOG's halloweeNINE MIX:
Time: 62:00 minutes
Quality: 192 kbps
Channels: Joint Stereo / 44 khz
Archive size: 86mb

01 Israel
02 First and Last and Always
03 The Pan Within
04 Heartache
05 Watch
06 Wild World
07 Illusion

08 A Rock and a Hard Place
09 Paradise
10 Please
11 Heaven
12 Bugg's Bruises
13 Hold On
14 The Border
15 Worlds Apart
16 Cry For Love
17 Wasteland
18 The Killing Jar

I reuploaded the file so that you could listen to it.

(No password)

(Coming from Snoog)


The DARKWAVE Mixset started very gloomy with a LIVE VERSION of "Israel" by SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES and followed by the GOTHIC GODS themselves, THE SISTERS OF MERCY. If you ask me, definitely you can feel the different ambience of this MIXSET and try to listen to it at Midnight coz' It will give you the CREEPS. He He He!! Bands like THE DANSE SOCIETY, THE MISSION, X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND and last year's MANILA VISITOR GENE LOVES JEZEBEL adds up to the creepiness of the set. Whoooahh!! I remember those Gothic People back in the 80s while listening to this Mixset. All those Black, Velvet, and very profound make-ups!! I also love the infusion of NEW ORDER's "Paradise" coz' I haven't heard it for the longest time and I was happy to hear it again here. I ENJOYED remembering those YESTERYEARS of DARKWAVE and definitely It's worth the travel. I hope you'll like it too!! Great TRACKLIST indeed!! HEADS UP again to SNOOG for sharing his talents again here on "The Doctor Is In" for the 9th time and more to come. Nowadays, with the "never-ending copying without credits" happening in the blogosphere, It's still nice to hear these ORIGINAL STUFFS. As I have said before "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" is "OFTEN IMITATED, NEVER DUPLICATED"!! Yun na yun!! That's an EXCLAMATION POINT that I'm back again here in the blogosphere!! Of course, If I get to be very busy, I can't really have the time to update this little blog of mine....but don't you worry as long as you guys are still supportive of my blog then we will continue to keep the flame alive. This blog is just the other side of me and I don't earn here okay. I'm just doing it on my own ORIGINAL WAY of sharing. NO MORE... NO LESS... EGGLESS!! Ha Ha Ha!! So again SNOOG MARAMING SALAMAT!! A pre-HALLOWEEN TREAT indeed!! So don't forget those COSTUMES okay. The UGLIER...THE BETTER!! Ha Ha Ha!! Get those broomsticks witches!! YUP!! It's an HOUR of GREAT GLOOMY NEW WAVE MIX for you courtesy of SNOOG!! AAAwoooooooohhhh!!

Happy Halloweenine!!

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