During the 80s MANILA was in political turmoil and one movement that was very present in the local underground music scene was the so-called "BRAVE NEW WORLD MOVEMENT" aka. "BNW" for short. Pinoys during those times wouldn't forget their experiences on both the MARCOS ERA and the People Power AQUINO GOVERNMENT. Wheew!! PHILTRADE located along ROXAS BLVD. was the site back then where this PINOY Underground Bands use to perform LIVE in a series of concerts organized by Twisted Red Cross big boss TOMMY TANCHANCO. My cousin who now resides in the U.S. has a lot of memories of this movement. Wheew!! It was back in 1980 that this great concert series was born and every year it became bigger and better. The late HOWLIN' DAVE and TRC's TOMMY T. were very instrumental in supporting these bands and have the guts to really be proud of them. YUP!! This is real Hard Pinoy Punk indeed on the loose!! WILD and WHOOLY I may say!!
In 1985, TOMMY TANCHANCO's Philippine Underground Record Label TWISTED RED CROSS finally released a cassette tape compilation of the said concert series entitled "BRAVE NEW WORLD LIVE Part III". I was able to buy this original tape at Harrison Plaza back in 1987 but regretted swapping it few years ago.WAAAAH!!! Well, at least I was able to colored photocopy the tape cover and inner sleeve. He He He!! It was TRC's second official release and there were 12 PINOY bands included on this LIVE compilation namely BETRAYED, URBAN BANDITS, WUDS, ETHNIC FACES, PRIVATE STOCK, DEAD ENDS, DEAD BEAT, TRASH, EXCOMMUNICATE, PUBLIC SCANDAL, SEX MILITANTS, and ZOOT SUIT. It was co-sponsored by KHUMBMELLA, L' ARTE LINEA, HOT SHOTS, and the Legendary JINGLE MAGAZINE. The art work and photo of the cassette tape were done by ROD SMITH and the late DODONG VIRAY. Angst and Rage would be a definite term for this revolution of sort that we could say that these bands were REBELS with a cause. PUNKS and HARDCORE making great music that's out of the boundaries of the ordinary. YUP!! I consider this guys EXTRA-ORDINARY!!

Well, here is the said LIVE compilation album I'm talking about. I divided the Tracklist into SIDE 1 and SIDE 2 in order to emphasize the original Tracklisting. I was able to acquire a Digitize copy of it with some help from my friends in the underground back in 2004. I would love to share and upload the whole compilation album but right now just to be safe from that COPYRIGHT thing we have to lay low. Hmmmp!! Maybe next time guys!!

Here's the cassette tape:

1. Teachers & Cheaters- WUDS
2. Peace Be With You- WUDS
3. Teenage Anger- TRASH
4. Complaints- DEAD ENDS
5. No Need To Exalt- SEX MILITANTS
6. It Was Never Meant To Be This Way- BETRAYED
7. Rockabilly Boogie- ZOOT SUIT

1. Within Tribes- ETHNIC FACES
2. Dead Beat Revolutionary War Cry- DEAD BEAT
3. Do You Rebel Rebel- URBAN BANDITS
4. Nagpapansin- URBAN BANDITS
5. Have More Fun- PRIVATE STOCK
7. Miss Bitch, Fuck Off!- EXCOMMUNICATE
8. Traitor and Depressed- PUBLIC SCANDAL

The music in this tape is indeed very raw. My favorites would be "Within Tribes" by ETHNIC FACES" and BETRAYED's "It Was Never Meant To Be This Way". Since the music was caught LIVE you could definitely hear the different ambience that would really make you wanna listen more and find out what makes these bands interesting back then when major Philippine Record Labels dare not touch. I guess it's more of the attitude that energizes these guys to continue making music. This tape was also played on WXB 102 and was featured on HERALD X. One great PINOY UNDERGROUND LIVE compilation!!
On my recent PHILIPPINES 80s HARDCORE blogpost you will notice the term "BRAVE NEW WORLD" included on this photo. If you haven't read it yet then just click the photo to enter that HARD HITTING ARTICLE.

Here's a glimpse of BRAVE NEW WORLD concert circa 2006 uploaded by a KABAYAN of mine.

Here's a photo of KABAYAN JUN MIRO with his favorite ROBOT SHIRT.... AATTEEEE!! Ooops!! That's a line of a famous juice commercial here in MANILA. Isn't it? Seriously speaking, that's JUN a Proud Owner of an exclusive "BRAVE NEW WORLD" T-SHIRT. ASTIG KA BRO!!

Just recently, OCTOBER 18,2008 to be exact "BRAVE NEW WORLD 2008" the concert was held at the ROSARIO SPORTS COMPLEX, Pasig City. Keeping the flames of BRAVE NEW WORLD spirit alive. YUP!! As the POSTER AD have stated "The Tradition Continues".KUDOS to you guys!! MABUHAY KAYO KABAYAN!!

There was even a Two Volume Philippine NEW WAVE Compilation entitled "BRAVE MUSIC FOR A NEW WORLD" released here in MANILA back in the late 80s which I am certain that the record company got It's title from the movement. But of course, the music on that compilation is very different okay. I will also feature that said compilation here in my blog in the future.

Well, here's just my little tribute to Philippines BRAVE NEW WORLD KABAYANS!! Hope you'll like it!!

We definitely live in a



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