Man On The Moon (40th year)

It was JULY 20, 1969 when MAN first stepped on the surface of the MOON. YUP!! Who would forget the classic NEIL ARMSTRONG's lines back then "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Of course, not related to the ARMSTRONG Brothers of VOLTES V who are STEVE, BIG BERT, and LITTLE JOHN. He He He!! Around 500 million people on Earth were hooked on their televisions and radios. YUP!! It's the 40th ANNIVERSARY of the FIRST MAN ON THE MOON MISSION of APOLLO 11. On July 16, 1969, NEIL ARMSTRONG, BUZZ ALDRIN, and MIKE COLLINS settled themselves into lunar command model COLUMBIA on the APOLLO 11, which was sky rocketted some 111 meters into space via the Saturn V rocket which was lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center at 9:32 a.m. Then four days later which was JULY 20, 1969 NEIL ARMSTRONG manually maneuvered the module which was called "EAGLE" to land on the MOON's Sea of Tranquility and of course another Legendary line again from him "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed" . They spent around 21 hours on the moon's surface, planting the American Flag and a steel plaque bearing a message of peace. Well, maybe if some U.F.O.s would visit the moon then they might read that plaque. He He He!! Both NEIL and BUZZ collected around 43 pounds of rocks and then returned to COLUMBIA where COLLINS was awaiting them for their return to EARTH. They landed back on July 24, 1969 ditching into the Pacific Ocean. Well, that was 40 years ago and I wasn't born yet. He He He!! Hmmmp!! At least you have a little idea how young "Dr. Stirring Rhod" is. Ha Ha Ha!! I guess that's the real MOONWALK and definitely very timely with MICHAEL JACKSON's "MOONWALK" Dance Step that everyone is crazy about. This is just my little tribute to another of MAN's success on SPACE which is considered THE FINAL FRONTIER.

Here's a photo of BUZZ ALDRIN today. Btw, they challenged NASA that It's about time to prepare the FIRST MAN ON MARS. Wheeew!! That would be very interesting don't you think?

Click the photo to VIEW the APOLLO 11 VIDEO:

For the finale, I included a song from R.E.M. entitled "MAN ON THE MOON" taken from the band's 1992 album "AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE". First played here in MANILA by NU107 back in 1992.


- REM Lyrics

It's the MAN ON THE MOON!!

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