Tie A Yellow Ribbon

As I was going to work and then going back home this day I noticed a lot of YELLOW RIBBONS in MANILA and MAKATI and I found out that there were news of that the Former PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT CORAZON COJUANGCO-AQUINO have passed away only to know that It wasn't true. WOW!! Talking about spreading of false rumors. According to Deedee Siytangco, former President Corazon Aquino’s spokesperson, “If there’s anything to be announced, it would be them who will do so.” Well, at this point in time everyone here in my country who are praying for her recovery are still hoping for the best and definitely even the priests who celebrated the healing mass today expressed that It's now in the hands of GOD what fate will have to do to our beloved President who was really vital during the 80s if you are talking about PHILIPPINE HISTORY. The title of my blogpost today is of course base on the popular song by DAWN Feat. TONY ORLANDO entitled "TIE A YELLOW RIBBON ROUND THE OLD OAK TREE" which became #1 in both US and UK charts back in 1973 and also became popular around the world and that includes my very own country , the PHILIPPINES especially during the political turmoil back in the 80s. I remember my parents playing this tune both on our Turntable and Tape Deck back in the 70s and 80s when I was still very young. Btw, I'm young at heart. He He He!! This song was popular here in my country particularly at the time when the Late SENATOR BENIGNO "NINOY" AQUINO (husband of Pres. Cory Aquino) have expressed his intentions back in 1983 to come home from a three year exile in the U.S. to face the Late President MARCOS. As everyone could recall that NINOY was assasinated on AUGUST 21, 1983 and the song "TIE A YELLOW RIBBON ROUND THE OLD OAK TREE" was then associated with NINOY and YELLOW became the fighting color of CORY's Presidential Campaign on the 1986 SNAP ELECTIONS thus the FEBRUARY PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION happened and the rest was history. I personally like this song and the beat can just make me think of those simple times when I was young. The melody and lyrics is quite simple too. Hmmmp!! They don't compose songs like this one nowadays. I made this blogpost because I just remembered this great song when I saw those YELLOW RIBBONS around MANILA and MAKATI which were ordered by MANILA MAYOR ALFREDO LIM and MAKATI MAYOR JEJOMAR BINAY who were both ALLIES of CORY during those times. Well, I just like to rekindle those times so I uploaded the "TIE A YELLOW RIBBON" song for my blogpost. I know It's very different but this is my blog and I truly like the song. He He He!! A sign of getting old? Naaah!! I'm a MUSIC ENTHUSIAST so I dig this. Ha Ha Ha!! Btw, this song was also one of the PIANO PIECES our PIANO TEACHER taught us back in grade school. The Former President called on her children few days ago to be with her at bedside. Right now, Pres. CORY is most of the time asleep and according to NOYNOY AQUINO( CORY's son) her mom is in PAIN THERAPHY. YUP!! The Doctors also confirmed that Pres. CORY is taking too much PAIN RELIEVERS lately due to her critical condition from COLON CANCER. Though, her VITAL SIGNS improved, she has still no appetite. EVERYONE IS STILL PRAYING FOR HER. Personally, "THY WILL BE DONE".

Two weeks ago I made a blogpost entitled "DEAR CORY" so if you haven't read it yet just Click the "DEAR CORY Vinyl Record and Cassette Tape" PHOTO to enter my blogpost on it:

I uploaded the song for you to listen to:


- Tony Orlando And Dawn Lyrics

I included FRANK SINATRA's version:

So guys,
round the old oak tree!!

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