Well, my good friend SNOOG wants to share his own MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE MUSIC MIX for you regular supporters of my little blog "The Doctor Is In" so here it goes. "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way" would call it "The MICHAEL JACKSNOOG MIX". Cool don't you think? Of course I got to listen first to the mix before deciding making a special blogpost for it. Definitely, coming from SNOOG, It deserves to be heard. This is the 7th Music Mix from SNOOG that is featured here on my blog but this is very different from the rest since the previous six mixes were exclusively NEW WAVE and just for today we have a variation of sort. Everybody was really not ready for MJ's early departure in our world. I guess that's how life is. Take a trip down memory lane with SNOOG and your's truly Dr. Stirring Rhod with this special MJ Mix. I hope you'll like it the way I did.

Artist: Michael Jackson
Title: DJ SnooGs Mix Tribute To The King Of Pop
Genre: Pop/House/Electro
Date: July 2009
Lenght: 60:00 minutes
Quality: 192 kbps
Channels: Joint Stereo / 44 khz
Nonstop mix: Yes! Yes! Yes!
Archive size: 83mb

01 Earth Song
02 You Are Not Alone
03 Rock With You
04 Off The Wall
05 ABC
06 P.Y.T.
07 Don't Stop Til Get Enough
08 Thriller
09 Jam
10 Billie Jean
11 BAD
12 Smooth Criminal
13 Beat It


The MJ mix started of course with a FRANCIS M. stinger which is a favorite of SNOOG and then the very enchanted "EARTH SONG" entered the mix. Btw, I have an 2009 EARTH HOUR blogpost before here in my blog. The second song on the mix wil just give the EMO effect which is "YOU ARE NOT ALONE". For sure MJ is not alone!! A lot of people would really miss him but his music will always live on. "ROCK WITH YOU" will increase the tempo a bit then it became very relaxing again with "OFF THE WALL", "ABC", and that classic "PYT" which is a great song from the record breaking "THRILLER" album. Of course who will forget "DON'T STOP TIL YOU GET ENOUGH" wherein the musical arrangement and music beat was used on the Legendary T.V. show of COMEDY KING of Philippine Cinema DOLPHY and the late NIDA BLANCA none other than the classic "JOHN AND MARSHA" shown on RPN Channel 9 back in 70s-80s. Remember the lyrics "Kaya JOHN magsumikap, kailangan magsumikap ka (2x)" from the original song lyrics "Keep On With The Force Don't Stop Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough". Wheew!! I just remembered the late DELY ATAYATAYAN always reminding JOHN played by DOLPHY to work hard to attain success. "JOHN MAGSUMIKAP KA!!" He he he!! The beat in the mix is definitely HOUSE MUSIC for club anthems. Well, my favorite "BILLIE JEAN" just brought the house down. Then the FAST PHASE of the mix comes in with "BAD", "SMOOTH CRIMINAL" and the finalle "BEAT IT" which is also one of my favorite MJ songs of all time. WOW!! That's a great JACKO MIX KABAYAN!! THANKS SNOOG for sharing this. YUP!! It's a MICHAEL JACKSON MUSIC MIX by SNOOG which I termed "The MICHAEL JACKSNOOG MIX!"! AYUZ!! I hope you guys ENJOYED too!! THANKS again for dropping by!!



DJ SnooG said...

WoW! The Michael JackSnooG Mix! LoL! Cool DOC :) Well, Again Thanks For Posting..More To Come.

May The Force Be With You!

DrStirringRhod said...

You're VERY WELCOME JACKSNOOG!! He He He!! AYuz ba kaibigan sa TITLE ko?