25th on the 25th

Well, I haven't made that much blogpost lately due to my very busy schedule and trying to accomplish priorities but definitely I have to make a blogpost about the 25th Anniversary of the Philippine EDSA People Power Revolution of 1986 happening tomorrow February 25, 2011. YUP!! That's why my blogpost title is "25th on the 25th" and created my DIY blogpost header photo. Wheeew!! With the recent political instability in the Middle East primarily in Egypt and Libya, I just wondered that Filipinos had such inspiring uprising back in 1986 which I think trancends the true meaning of the word "CHANGE". The question right now is: "How is my country today after 25 years?". I don't have to answer that question since my blog is not a Political Oriented Blog. He He He!! I know KABAYANS that you have your very own way of answering it which will be a little negative I suppose if there were indeed "CHANGE". Two years ago I had my very first blogpost regarding the 1986 EDSA Revolution by featuring my "MAGKAISA" CD and I guess I just have to get back blogging anytime. But for now, I just wanna wish that some real "CHANGE" can happen in the GOOD way since It has been 25 years already.

CLICK my "MAGKAISA" CD to enter my blogpost dated 2/25/09:

CLICK my DIY "DEAR CORY" CD to enter my blogpost dated 7/4/09:

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25 years of EDSA on Feb 25!!


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