Well it has been 8 years since they did a concert here in MANILA way back DECEMBER 2002 and now the duo of Gary Daly and Eddie Lundon are back in MANILA to do some shows. Definitely PINOY NEW WAVERS are into a treat again. Their guesting on 99.5 RT's radio program entilted "Disenchanted Kingdom" recently was a blast. Lots of informations were shared by the band. They also sang both on Eat Bulaga and Willing Willie. This band made it really big here in MANILA back in the 80s courtesy of WXB 102, POWER 105 DZBM, and NU 107. They themselves don't really want to be boxed on the NEW WAVE Genre but whatever it is, It's still NEW WAVE for PINOY 80s Music Fanatics.



eLf ideas said...

Dear Dr. Rod,

It's been a while since I last visited your blogsite. I used to get updates from you on Multiply, but I rarely visit Multiply for quite a while. I'm more on Facebook--not for anything else, but only because I'm busy with many non-Internet activities (including work) and Facebook is very convenient for me and lots of friends and families are there.

Anyway, I will be visiting your site regularly again.

Yeah, many bands labeled as New Wave or Postpunk do not want themselves to be categorized as such, but in the end, whatever kind of music an artist makes, this will eventually fall under a particular genre--talk about taxonomy and natural selection.

Perhaps being labeled--many bands see as limiting their market.

Regardless, it will be the majority of musicologists and the music enthusiasts who decide in the end what genre/s of music a particular album or artist falls under.

I miss China Crisis this time. I saw them at Shang-rila during their first visit to the Philippines.

DrStirringRhod said...

Hi Alfie!! Nice to see you back here in my little blog. Nope I don't anymore use Multiply these days too. YUP!! I have to agree with you regarding the label of NEW WAVE. I still have to say that PINOY's description of NEW WAVE is still best for me because of the influences of Legendary Radio Stations such as WXB 102, POWER 105 DZBM and NU 107 especially back in the 80s. Our time frame!! THANKS for visiting my site again.


Harold G. said...

How were the January 2011 shows? Haven't heard anything....Greetings from San Jose, CA...

DrStirringRhod said...

Hi Harold!! CHINA CRISIS Concert here in MANILA was better back in 2002 than their recent visit. :-) THANKS for dropping by my blog!!