I still have a lot of CASSETTE TAPES in my vaults both the originals and the so-called HouseMixTapes. I treasure these stuffs like I treasure my Vinyl Records and CDs because they've been a part of my soundtripping during those times especially during the 80s. I started collecting CDs back in1990 when my DAD gave me my first CD PLAYER and so these cassette tapes are my alternative to Vinyl Records since it's handy and I can easily play it on my car stereo and in my bedroom and of course my ever reliable SONY WALKMAN because my Turntable is in our Living Room. Luckily, I was also able to preserve these cassette tapes. Nowadays, you just don't see that much cassette tape album releases here in the Philippines. Well, that's how technology evolves, seeing these stuffs going to extinction.

Preserve your CASSETTES!!

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