Do you have an IDENTITY CRISIS?

Last MARCH 15,2007 I was able to catch the MYX AWARDS NIGHT on STUDIO23 and there was a great performance of former IDENTITY CRISIS lead singer DJ COOL CARLA(Carla Abaya) and keyboardist LENI LLAPITAN together with one of the prime PINOY BANDS RIVERMAYA. It was an awesome set and definitely the medley of two classic IDENTITY CRISIS SONGS (MY SANCTUARY,and SUMIGAW UMAWIT KA) blown me away from my T.V. SET. RICO BLANCO(RIVERMAYA's lead singer) sported an 80s hairdo and COOL CARLA was also at her best. Wala parin kakupas-kupas ang galing ng boses!!

I first heard of IDENTITY CRISIS wayback 1987 when WXB102 played two DEMO versions of their songs "IMAGINING OKTOBER" and "MY SANCTUARY". The band was formed wayback 1986 and the same year THE DAWN was signed in by OCTO ARTS in 1987, IDENTITY CRISIS also had released their Debut album "TALE OF TWO" under DYNA RECORDS. The only time I saw this band performed LIVE was on their "OCTOBER STORM" concert on a HOLOWEEN NIGHT. It was a memorable experienced back then because this would be their first Major Performance after releasing "TALE OF TWO". The concert also topbilled THE DAWN who never missed any ULTRA STORM and OCTOBER STORM concert. By 1990 IDENTITY CRISIS released their second album "WATER CAME RUNNING" under DYNA RECORDS again and this PINOY Underground Gothic Band, usually compared to SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES,were on the go again to promote the album. This time NU107 was the one who introduced the album on air with the single "WILL I EVER KNOW". I still cherished the cassette tapes of both albums. Of course the "TALE OF TWO" Vinyl which is now hard-to-find here in MANILA. In 1991 the band parted ways leaving a LEGACY behind. During the PINOY ALTERNATIVE ROCK BOOM in the 90s COOL CARLA formed the band MARIYA'S MISTRESS together with LENI and released the classic single "AGOS". With the performance at the MYX AWARDS rumours spread of a band's reunion or a remastered CD release of both their albums, but COOL CARLA directly denies these rumours. I'm still hopeful that one of these days the band will resurface again and really remaster their work in CD FORMAT with great packaging..... who knows?

IDENTITY CRISIS band line-up:
Cool Carla - Vocals, Percussions
Buddy Arceo - Vocals
Leni Llapitan - Keyboads
Resty Cornejo - Guitars
Bogs Ambrosio - Bass
Marvin Mendiola - Drums


Joel said...

So..any idea when they're going to remaster their 2 albums?

eLf ideas said...

The question is, were the master reel tapes of the recordings saved? Because with Viva, back in the '90s, many of the bands recordings were being erased. When we were recording our first and only album, I had the hindsight that someday remastering the materials would be great. I asked how much the master reel tape and the sound engineer told me it was about PhP10,000. If only I had that spare amount that time I would have bought the master reel. Anyway, Rico Blanco's move to cover Identity Crisis and the likes for Rivermaya's covers album was really brilliant. He sort of updated the songs.

Alvin@Dior said...

From what album is the song "Will I Ever Know" is it released in a single?

DSR said...

Alvin, The classic "Will I Ever Know" song is from their WATER CAME RUNNING" album. BTW, thanks for dropping by!!


blognimarco said...

Leni Llapitan is now a popular Architect. Good Job!