-SnooG- MIX!

Well, before we Pinoys officially start the HOLY WEEK this SUNDAY March 16(Palm Sunday) let's hear some music mix from a KABAYAN and Friend of mine who I met in Multiply. DINDO LOPEZ aka "-SnooG-" at the Multiply World has recently emailed me a copy of his very own MIX entitled "SnooGs New Wave Electro House Mix 2008" and asked me if I could share it in this little blog on mine. Of coure, MY PLEASURE SnooG!! This would be my very first time to post a Music Mix in my blog. I asked him if he got his USER NAME from the word "GOONS" and to my surprise he did lift it from that word. HE HE HE!! Actually he got it from a Post Punk Band named "The Snoogs" who themselves got it from the word "Goons". His cousins who came back from the UK back in the early 80s in his Teen-age years brought a lot a New Wave Punk Cassette Tapes with them and Dindo liked this postpunk band "The Snoogs" and so his cousins called him "Snoog" which up to this time he his popularly known as.

SnooG's FPJ stance! He He He!

This Pinoy music enthusiast has a vast collection of CDs. YUP!! I'm talking about Massive volumes of CD Collection in his LIBRARY from NEW WAVE, PUNK, ALTERNATIVE, PINOY ROCK and anything that satisfies his listening pleasures. I personally haven't seen one like this before as a personal collection. IDOL!! Well aside from CDs he has also some Vinyls and Cassette tapes in his Vaults.

Here's his seperate OPM(Original Pilipino Music) Section

Click Here The Mix Title To Download The File:

Mixed By: Dindo F. Lopez a.k.a. SnooG
Genre: House/Electro
Date: Jan-18-2008
Encoder: LAME 3.97 (Final)
Quality: VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Playtime: 1:12:31
Size: 99.5 MB

01 Intro [Envelope Ideas Female Intro]
02 More to Lose [SnooG's 2008 House Remix]
03 Everybody Wants to Rule The World (Beach House Remix)
04 Don't You Forget About Me (Twin Space Mix)
05 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Dalminjo Remix)
06 Take On (Me) This (2008 Club Mix)
07 Master & Servant (2008 Club Mix)
08 New Years Day (Super Electro Mix)
09 Just Can't Get Enough (Dirty South Remix)
10 Situation (2008 Housemaniac Remix)
11 Shout (House Anthem Remix )
12 Sweet Dreams (Twin Space Mix)
12 Major Tom (Hard Style Remix)
13 Tainted Love (Techno Remix)
14 Outro
I personally find the entire music mix cool and relaxing to my eardrum. Well, it's over an hour but you'll enjoy the cruise. The Mix started with the haunting voice of KLAUS NAOMI singing the intro of THE DAWN's classic "Enveloped Ideas" and followed by the I.D. tag "OK Party people in house!! Snoog in the mix" then the 1 hour music cruise begins. Very interesting arrangement of songs which included different versions of what we usually hear. No SLAM DANCING here okay. HE HE HE!! Of course there's a different "More To Lose" kick in it. Cool female vocals for "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" and the infusion of "New Years Day" and"Shout" increased the tempo a bit. Going to the tail-end of the mix was a little bit of "Major Tom" instrumental and how to end it up with "Tainted Love" with Outro of Francis M. "Mga Kababayan". I hope you'll enjoy Snoog's mix which he personally shared for us in my blog like the way I did. AYUZ BA MGA KABABAYAN!!

PASSWORD for the MIX: www.snoog.multiply.com
Visit -SnooG- multiply site to view his collection:
THANKS -SnooG-!!


Dindo said...

THANK YOU for posting my mix Doc :) Its been an honor..Why not for a second part? he he he - More power to your blog.

DSR said...

Thanks SnooG for sharing your mixes in my blog!! OK!! Just send me your PART TWO and I'll feature it.


bingbong said...

Honestly, i didn't pay attention to DSR's review at first (after having read enormous info he has about the 80s new wave era in our country). When i saw that it was a "NEW WAVE MIX", i immediately downloaded it and was expecting like a DJ Jamtrx mix. It was when the vocals of the second song, More to Lose, came in that i started to really pay attention and thought this mix is extra special. It's take of our local band "The Rain" on Seona Dancing's signature song (i only hope the volume of the vocals was a bit louder, so the whole world can hear fellow Pinoy Rain Paggao's vocals more clearly --here's a link to The Rain's music: http://www.myspace.com/herestherain). So when the female vocals on "Everybody wants to rule the world" snuck in, that's when i realized that the songs included in this mix brings the word "ethereal" in mind. I listened to the whole mix and all i can say is: SnooG, you nailed it man! You brought us to NEW WAVE HEAVEN! Can't wait for your second part. Way to go kabayan. CHEERS to both of you, Snoog & DSR!

DSR said...

Maraming salamat bingbong!! Yan si Goons este Snoog pala! He He He!!


djClint said...

good day po...just want to ask if you can post the retail version of the mixtape(individual tracks) thanks po...:0

dj Clint