It's EASTER SUNDAY today!! Lenten Season starts with "ASH WEDNESDAY" and ends 40 days after which is equivalent to EASTER SUNDAY or "PASKO NG PAGKABUHAY". Today the whole CHRISTIAN community is celebrating JESUS CHRIST's resurrection. For me, HOLY WEEK or what Pinoys called it as "SEMANA SANTA" which started last "PALM SUNDAY" is the time for reflection and recollection, forgetting for a while my daily activities and of course my work. I don't go on vacations or even on beaches but I spend it with my Family and Love ones and never miss out the "BISITA DE IGLESIA" where Pinoys visits number of churches and prays the 14 STATIONS OF THE CROSS either on "MAUNDY THURSDAY" or "GOOD FRIDAY". I'm very touched to see every Filipino with their Families,Love Ones, Friends and even Co-workers being together doing the "Bisita De Iglesia". BILIB talaga ako sa mga taong ito!! This is another Filipino Tradition that I'm proud of which despite the heat and daily trials in life they're still together doing this in every church I visited. This is also the time I do my Yearly Confession that gives me inner peace and harmony. Of course EASTER SUNDAY here in the Philippines starts with the "SALUBONG" and is celebrated by a mass and definitely the Renewal of Faith for Catholics is always recited. A happy moment indeed after few days of Fasting.
Another tradition here in the Philippines is the Easter Egg Hunting which is usually done on villages, subdivisions, communities, and even the malls. The children are usually enjoying the hunt.
Just to share a TEXT MESSAGE:
The season of LENT reminds us that the life we have and the material possessions we hold are LENT to us. We are not immigrants but pilgrims on the road who will pass by only once. We bring nothing when we die... But we can leave behind the love we have shared, the hope we have given, and the goodness we have done.

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