BAUHAUS "Go Away White"

BAUHAUS was first introduced here in MANILA by WXB102 back in 1986 by playing the classic hit "SHE'S IN PARTIES" which instantly became the trademark Bauhaus song for PINOY WAVERS and PUNKS. This would then be followed by "Bela Lugosi's Dead" and "Third Uncle" which were also played first by WXB102. Originally called Bauhaus 1919 from the 1920's German Bauhaus Art Movement, this great GOTHIC BAND is compose of PETER MURPHY on vocals, DANIEL ASH on guitars, DAVID J. on bass, and KEVIN HASKINS on drums. Their status have always remained in the Underground for Pinoy music enthusiasts. The band broke up in 1983 but reformed last 2005 and have made a tour on 2006. Late last year(2007) I got news that they were working on a new album which would be release this MARCH. And finally, the "Go Away White" album was released last March 4 and this is the first new material for Bauhaus after 25 years and also the band decided to call it quits this time without any accompanying tour to promote this album

Recently, I recieved an email first from my friend ED WALLACE then another from MIKE SUTTON reviewing the album. So I decided to share their thoughts about the new BAUHAUS album. So here it goes:


I come into the darkness / And go away white
Bauhaus (Bauhaus Music)

The pure white cover features a departing angel. Bauhaus having risen again with its original members, leaves us with a final revelation of heavenly music.

Starting with glam rock, and growing more goth as it progresses, Go Away White covers all the strengths of raw punk Bauhaus, while adding skills the members grew during their years apart: Peter Murphy's expanded croon, Daniel Ash's Hendrix-ian psychedelic guitar effects, and David J / Kevin Haskin's dance rhythms.

Take the opener 'Too Much 21st Century'. Murphy rocks out like Ziggy Stardust as an updated Tones On Tail Ball of Confusion theme blends in with the hook and the lyrics. The follow up 'Adrenaline ' is a red meat, pulse pounding T-Rex attack. 'Undone' is Bowie's 'Sons of The Silent Age' if the son was the son of Dracula. 'International Bullet Proof Star' combines 'Terror Couple Kill Colonel' and the feel of early Iggy Pop, with love rockets going off in the background.

'Endless Summer of the Damned' strips away the pop, for a chanting, stomping 'Stigmata' seance, with a live feel - like you're in the room, as the end of the world is foretold.

One of the greatest tracks is 'Saved'. Murphy's delivers his best undead Frank Sinatra singing EVER. (Yes, better than 'Marlene' from Deep). There's a secret to this. When a youth, Peter Murphy had to adopt the baritone of an older man. Now it flows naturally. As the song progresses, he switches to spoken word, delivering lines like "You are entering a pale corridor" like a New Wave Dungeon Master controlling our fate. [Creepily and fittingly, while I was hearing that song, I first read that the creator of D&D, Gary Gygax, died on Tuesday]. 'Saved'' slides perfectly into 'Mirror Remain' where time runs amok and "Anorexic monsters" lurk.

'Black Stone Heart' track Eight seals the deal - an obvious single with the refrain "I come into the darkness / and go away white" and a whistle catchy hook that infects faster than a zombie bite. Its early, but I'm declaring it one of the finest Bauhaus songs ever created. It seems to close the album early, making the next song come across as a bonus track, or encore.

Track #9, The Dog's a Vapor' is a reworked bonus track classic: a Satanic shanty with mysterious voices and noises over a dead pan tale on canines and the moon. I'm reminded of 'Mask' and Siouxie & The Banshee's 'Quartering of the dog'

The coda 'Zikir' fades with Peter Murphy receipting "She Loves Me / She Loves me not" as though plucking funeral petals by his dead love's grave near a bazzar of exotic, Arabian sounding instruments.

My love for this album is clear. In my opinion, it's on par with their classics, and whips their modern imitators with a barbed cat-o-nine tails.

Bauhaus go into the sunset victorious.

Songs can be previewed here: http://www.bauhausmusik.com/

Bauhaus circa 80s


OK, I just started playing the new Bauhaus album -- their first since 1983, and unfortunately their last as they have parted ways again -- and it's kicking my ass. This has the most badass bass lines I've heard in decades. Thumping, throbbing, pulsating bass. Peter Murphy is a vampire; I'm convinced of it. All these guys are. This is early '80s Batcaver music all the way. Highly, highly recommended. Makes me wish Ian Curtis were still alive because I bet Joy Division would be rocking like this. Must rip these tunes for WXB 102 regular rotation! I won't keep ya waiting, George! We have to get these on the air!


BAUHAUS circa 2008

Well, I personally have heard some songs from the "GO AWAY WHITE" album, I'm still considering buying the original copy. I find the songs very reminiscent of the band's original sound. YUP!! It's excellent GOTH music again from this GOTH Heroes which I really admire since the 80s and up to now. GREAT COMEBACK and DEPARTURE........ That's BAUHAUS in the middle of the street!!

Click here for the song downlink for Track 8 of the album

Do check out the link ED mentioned and if you really love the album then support the artist by buying the songs or the entire album.


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