News have been coming out here in the Philippines for a possible MORRISSEY CONCERT here in MANILA. Well according to the fansite "True To You" Morrissey now is setting his sights on Asia and New Zealand, and is also expected to tour Japan followed by concerts in Thailand,South America, and of course my beloved country the Philippines. Hmmmp? That's interesting don't you think KABAYANS? Then again, we will just wait for the final plans since If there are still no tickets then there is no concert right? PINOY NEW WAVERS are still hoping for the best. My Blogpost header Photo seems to show how much thinking Morrissey is doing regarding his Philippine Concert. He He He!! Just cross our fingers guys and it will be really good to see the front man of "THE SMITHS" performing "LIVE" here in Manila. I wonder if there would really be a reunion of "THE SMITHS"? Naaaah!! In our dreams right? Just making this blog makes me think of how much would his concert be here in Manila. Waaaaah!! I bet it will be EXPENSIVE and so save for the rainy day okay.



wattsjoyce said...

Got my MORRISSEY ticket already! Yes, i took advantage of the pre-selling period.....and since i have been a good girl, i bought myself a Super VIP ticket! =)
See you, Moz on May 13th!

violaine said...

i have been a good boy too.. i got myself a ticket! and yes its a svip.

looking forward to this event! finally..moz!