IT'S FEBRUARY 29, 2012

Hello everyone!! Today is February 29, 2012 and the date "February 29" only comes by every four years and since It's Leap Year this year 2012 then It's a great honor for me to present a simple blogpost for today. YUP!! This is my second "February 29 Blogpost" here in the Blogosphere. You got it right!! My first one was wayback February 2008 and this was during the early years of my humble blog "The Doctor Is In" or better known also as "Docmuzic". WHEEEW!! That was Four Years ago. Hmmmp? I just realized that my blog will turn Five Years old this August 2012. Time just flies so fast and I'm just glad after all these years I'm still in the blogosphere. He He He!! I just wanna THANK everyone who still check my "blogspot.com" which is often imitated and never duplicated. Copying is still the best form of Flattery right? Well, my blogspot is still The One and Only ORIGINAL PINOY 80s/ NEW WAVE At Iba Pa Blogspot that's CUT ABOVE THE REST!! Ha Ha Ha!! So do always join me in the quest to travel back in time. This blogspot isn't exclusively New Wave nor It's Underground and of course don't forget I'm not a Concert King. Get my drift? He He He!! Haven't been blogging that much lately due to my busy schedule, but yet I'll still try to make more interesting, original, and unique blogpost "The Dr. Stirring Rhod Way". THANKS FOR DROPPING BY!!

CLICK the photo to check out my FEBRUARY 29, 2008 Blogpost


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