Alive N Kicking (ANK)

"ALIVE AND KICKING" is a common idiomatic expression that means to continue to live or exist and be full of energy. I still remember the officers in the Reserve Officers Training Corps or R.O.T.C. back in my college days use to shout to us in the company "Are you Alive And Kicking!!!!" Well, that seemed to be a wake-up call of sort in the field. R.O.T.C. is a requirement to all Males in college back then and I think these days It's optional already. Definitely, you guys are familiar with this expression and I guess you have used this too before. What I'll be featuring today is another Philippine New Wave Compilation CD entilted "ANK: ALIVE N' KICKING". Not that much to say about this CD but my KABAYAN Rhenzo was the one who informed me that this compilation is almost the same as "THE RISE OF INDIE" New Wave Compilation I featured here in my blog before so I then got interested on to feature his CD because I got curious about it.

Here's the "ANK" CD:


The difference between the Tracklist of "ANK" to the Tracklist of " The Rise Of Indie" is on the last two songs. ANK has "THE MORE YOU LIVE, THE MORE YOU LOVE" from a former MANILA Visitor A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS, and "NEVER YOU DONE THAT" by GENERAL PUBLIC, while "TROI" has "LIONS" by TONES ON TAILS which means that ANK has a total of 15 songs while "TROI" has only 14 songs. Well, better check out my "THE RISE OF INDIE" blogpost for more.

Click "The Rise Of Indie" Logo to enter my blogpost and download my CD:

"ALIVE AND KICKING" is also the NEW WAVE SONG from the Scottish band SIMPLE MINDS which was released as a single from the band's 1985 "Once Upon a Time" album which incidentally became #1 in album sales here in MANILA back in 1985 according to the Legendary Philippine Music Songbook Magazine called "JINGLE MAGAZINE". I bought the Vinyl Record of the album and for me It's still my favorite SIMPLE MINDS album. I first heard the song via DZBM POWER105 back in 1985. Btw, this song is not included on the "ANK" CD compilation. Weird Isn't it?

Here's the Music Video of SIMPLE MINDS' "Alive And Kicking":

Are you still all



McDoC said...


Thanks for informing me about your Alive and Kicking CD post by commenting on my remix of Alive and Kicking. Have you seen dj doc's post? It's the vinyl rip of... "Alive and Kicking"!!! AYOS BA?
Natandaan ko sabi ng prof ko dati na:
"Great minds run parallel..."
Pwede di ba? :)


DrStirringRhod said...

AYUZ ah!! I'll check DjDocT's site. :-) Three Minds Crack!! Ha Ha Ha!! THANKS bing!!


hijodetyrol@gmail.com said...

anak ng pating!!! triple crossover of minds!!! this not simple minds anymore hahaha!!!

DrStirringRhod said...

YUP DjDoct!! THAT'S INCREDIBLE nga eh!! :-) I was surprised whenI saw bing's blog and mas nasurprised ako ng nakita ko blog mo. HE HE HE!! Buti nalang iba't ibang concept natin about ALIVE AND KICKING.