DJ JOVEN's Wave Addiction MIX

Few months ago I spotted this PINOY MUSIC MIXES website called MIX MINISTRY and I got to know KABAYAN Dj Joven Balin on that site. YUP!! Full of good music mixes from my KABAYAN on that site from different musical genres and so I got a chance to get in touch with DJ Joven aka. "Boy Kislot" and asked him if he's willing to contribute a NEW WAVE MIX here in my little blog. The first MIX MINISTER that I'm going to feature. Would that mean that there would be more of them? Well, that depends on them. He He He!! According to DJ Joven, the music of the late FRANCIS M. have a lot to do in making him a music lover. He is a great fan of THE MASTER RAPPER!! FRANCIS M. was known to be "THE MOUTH" at 89DMZ and he had a radio show back in the 90s which DJ JOVEN loved to listen to. He was also very saddened with the death of his Idol FRANCIS M. like everyone here in MANILA. A self-confessed HIP HOP fan, he also opened up for other genres especially NEW WAVE and was greatly influenced by 89 DMZ's New Wave Radio show "WAVE180" hosted by "THE UNBEATABLE". Hmmmp!! I guess I have to say he is an avid DMZ fan don't you think. He had also some mobile experiences being a member of an obscure Taguig Mobile called "JSL Mobile" from 1998 to 2002. Actually, he loves any form of music as long as it satisfies his taste. So why the aka "Boy Kislot"? Well, he got it from reading XEREX XAVIERA's portion in a well known Philippine Tabloid called "ABANTE" which was very famous in the 90s. "Kislot" is one of the "For Adults Only" slang XEREX used back then. I wonder where XEREX is right now? Any ideas DJ Joven? He He He!! So guys I present you KABAYAN DJ Joven's WAVE ADDICTION MIX.

DJ Joven's
Wave Addiction Mix:
Time: 44:58
01. The Lightning Seeds - All I Want
02. Book Of Love - Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes)
03. Book Of Love - Boy
04. Flesh For Lulu - I Go Crazy
05. Lloyd Cole And The Commotions - My Bag
06. Big Audio Dynamite - E=MC2
07. Bolshoi - Please
08. Japan - Quiet Life
09. Camouflage - Love is a Shield
10. The Ocean Blue - Drifting Falling
11. Echo And The Bunnymen - Over You
12. Modern English - After the Snow
13. The Mighty Lemon Drops - Into the Heart of Love
14. Modern English - Hands Across the Sea
15. H2O - Who'll Stop the Rain
16. Everything But The Girl - Ballad of the Times
17. Positive Noise - When Lightning Strikes
18. Siouxsie And The Banshees - The Killing Jar
19. A Flock Of Seagulls - Who's that Girl? (She's Got It)

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PASSWORD: http://docmuzic.blogspot.com/

Nice entry song with "ALL I WANT" by THE LIGHTNING SEEDS because of the water effects on the song as if you started listening to the MIX underwater. My favorite part of this MIX would probably be the Back To Back BOOK OF LOVE songs namely "Modigliani" and "Boy" which follows next. Of course, who would not go crazy with FLESH FOR LULU classic "I GO CRAZY" which is a favorite among PINOY WAVERS because of the movie "SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL". Great choices of songs and definitely another time travel dancing for you guys. MODERN ENGLISH have two songs also in the set. For DJ Joven, he loves creating Plain and Simple Mixes without too much Loops, Samples, and Effects. This would make the sound very Analog for him which he greatly love. It's a 45minutes of reminiscing the good old days again by enjoying this superb mix. H20 singing about the rain and POSITIVE NOISE about lightning killing the jar of SIOUXSIE. He He He!! NU107 current NEW WAVE Program's theme EBTG "Ballad Of The Times" says it all for this Mix. Nice Set KABAYAN!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH DJ JOVEN FOR SHARING YOUR TALENT HERE IN MY BLOG!!

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RObert POland said...

Very interesting blog, mister.
Now I downloading Wave Addiction rar, I check this mix :)

Greetings from PL,

ang lahat ng mga pinakamahusay na


DrStirringRhod said...

Thanks Robert!! It's an honor to have you visit my blog.:-) You have a great blog too!! That's DJ Joven, just one of my KABAYAN who have shared their mixing talents here in my blog. Check out my PINOY NEW WAVE MIXES Labels for more.


McDoC said...


I love this mixset... lots of new wave rarities were included.
Aaminin ko na... ADDICT ako sa mix na ito.

THANKS FOR SHARING guys and more power to both of you!!!


Dj Joven Balin said...

thanks po McDoC

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS bingbong!! NakakaADDICT ba? He He He!


DrStirringRhod said...

Archived from my CHATBOX:

20 Mar 09, 08:34
Rhenzo: Doc , I have all those requested bootleg cd , if ever wala ka copy to share just email me.
18 Mar 09, 00:01
wave180: Thank You & more power Doc.
17 Mar 09, 23:57
wave180: @DrStirringRhod...good blog you have here. hope you have a copy of the bootleg cd na new wave diary megamix vol. 4 by MG records, Wave 180 : Where it all began,Wave 180 Book Two (2cd)
17 Mar 09, 18:29
SnooG: VA- What You Get Is What You Seek..Desire (SnooGs 2009 Mix) is ready DOC
17 Mar 09, 17:46
wave180: @DrStirringRhod...ask ko lang if you have the i don't like pop na cd and 3rd wave?anyways, good to know buhay na buhay ang new wave till now
16 Mar 09, 20:50
iamryanm: nice avatar sir! do you cube?
16 Mar 09, 20:08
Boy_pulandit: @DrStirringRhod....yung akin pinahihinog pa doc lol!, kakahiya mag post ng mix dito lulufet ng mga guests mo eh, taga palakpak na lang ako pwede?!
16 Mar 09, 14:55
slave2nuwave: What's up DOC, as usual just visiting your SUPER BLOG. Kamusta sa lahat ng Pinoy Wavers!. Any news DOC bout the last album?
15 Mar 09, 21:54
DrStirringRhod: Everything is FREE here so ENJOY EVERYBODY!! Gawin ko kayang commercial blog na ito. Ngek!! Naaah!! Thanks to everyone who keeps on visiting my blog!!
15 Mar 09, 09:56
DrStirringRhod: YO boy pulandit nasan na yung sayo. He He He!! Tsaka kolang kayo singilin mga kaibigan. NGEK!! Tnx joy, JOHN JOHN and tony!!
15 Mar 09, 00:08
Dj Joven Balin: thanks johnjohn
15 Mar 09, 00:06
DrStirringRhod: Uy mga ministro may bayad yang mga promotion ninyo dito. Ha Ha Ha!!
14 Mar 09, 23:15
boy_pulandit: @rhenzo....hayaan ko na lang kayong malulufet!!! taga palakpak na lang ako hehehe
14 Mar 09, 20:07
Dj Joven Balin: good evening papa rhenzo
14 Mar 09, 19:31
Rhenzo: The Ministers are conquering the house .... sino susunod kay Boy Kislot .... si Boy Pulandit ba NYAHAHAHA
14 Mar 09, 16:00
JOHNJOHN: nice mix djjoven!
14 Mar 09, 13:35
boy_pulandit: hanep ka Boy Kislot!!!
14 Mar 09, 09:36
tony: mabuhay ang new wave dito sa Pinas! salamat doc sa pagdocument ng mga ito.
14 Mar 09, 07:46
joy: patambay lang ha?:big
14 Mar 09, 07:45
joy: patambay lang ha?
14 Mar 09, 02:17
Dj Joven Balin: JSL Mobile was a member of 89DMZ's Mobile Circuit
13 Mar 09, 20:14
Dj Joven Balin: ayus! salamat ng marami doc stir