Well, I guess the BLOGOSPHERE is getting FAST AND FURIOUS nowadays and a lot of things have changed drastically in blogging from MUSIC to PEOPLE who feel they just climbed Mount Everest to boost up their egos. Ha Ha Ha!! Just like CASEY KASEM would say "Keep your feet on the ground while reaching for the stars". I just wanna THANK YOU guys for the continued support of this little blog of mine and making it a success. I'm humbled with this. THANK YOU in Pilipino is SALAMAT. We will never know what lies ahead but definitely SOMETHING GOOD. Yeeeebbaaaah!! Like my two very own DICTUMS would say "MUSIC MATTERS AND MEMORIES OF IT MATTERS MOST" and "EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW A LOT OF THINGS, BUT NO ONE KNOWS EVERYTHING". Ciao Baby!!

THANK YOU- Pale Fountains


SALAMAT Kabayans!!
THANK YOU very much guys!!



DrStirringRhod said...

Archived from my CHATBOX:

3 Apr 09, 11:07
jt: just droppin by Doc. Nasan ka doc?
2 Apr 09, 08:58
fred: sna ganahan ka ulit magblog doc. malupet kasi itong blogspot.com mo eh
2 Apr 09, 01:40
workshy: tapos na aprils fool ala pa din si doc
1 Apr 09, 22:27
Metalmarquis: Hey... What's up, doc? It's me, Mr. SLH from Metal Madness/Zach & Joey/Against The Flow of NU107 back in the day. How have you been?
1 Apr 09, 21:13
Ronald: Thank you very much po Doc, nakiDl ako ng songs ni Francis M
1 Apr 09, 20:20
JOHNJOHN: Very relevant post doc. Hopefully we get to see you back blogging sir!
1 Apr 09, 17:47
kahoyman: ayos post mo doc!
1 Apr 09, 17:44
kahoyman: ayos post mo docstir
30 Mar 09, 16:41
jt: april 1 malapit na..hindi kaya...pre-april"s...?
30 Mar 09, 15:48
vincentvasquez: doc ano pw ng italo mo..sabi kasi rhenzo tanong ko daw sayo
30 Mar 09, 13:13
Rhenzo: or on a Holy Week vacation .... penge pasalubong doc
30 Mar 09, 13:12
Rhenzo: knock knock .... is the doctor in?
30 Mar 09, 09:42
30 Mar 09, 09:22
fred: Hi Doc! what's the buzz?
29 Mar 09, 18:01
vincentvasquez: doc ano pw ng italo mo?
29 Mar 09, 13:23
workshy: @dsr.......may problema ba??, di ka namin iiwan doc!!!
29 Mar 09, 12:14
mike: sir cant opn RNR NEW WAVE MIX even with correct password... kindly check thanx a lot godbless
28 Mar 09, 22:22
Rhenzo: something wrong doc , may drama ba o suspense horror
28 Mar 09, 21:41
jt: Doc? what happned?
28 Mar 09, 20:03
Dj Joven Balin: hi dsr! mukang may problema sa site ah. andito lang kami doc para sayo
28 Mar 09, 16:50
McDoC: Huh? Wazzup DSR?
28 Mar 09, 08:15
beatmeister: docstir, wha' happened?
28 Mar 09, 04:46
SnooG: Cheer Up DOC! Dont Let them pull you down..
27 Mar 09, 22:39
djdoc: mukhang may laman tong latest post mo docstir??
27 Mar 09, 22:34
jt: just visiting your great site..hanep dito. keep it up Doc !
26 Mar 09, 17:47
DJ Cocas: Thanks so much for stopping by to my blog. ice work here too
26 Mar 09, 17:11
JOHNJOHN: Doc, magbabakasyon kaba?


Taviv said...

Thank You in pillipino SALAMAT, in Indonesia Terima Kasih ....:p


DrStirringRhod said...


7 Apr 09, 23:22
michael: i want to hear this 102 new wave hits
7 Apr 09, 22:10
gilbert: Doc, we will be waiting for ur nx blogpost.
7 Apr 09, 15:50
Dj William: Hey man! i already have visited your blog for some times, nice place to go! i´m out for vacations and plan to return very soon, thanks to visit my blog... hugs!
7 Apr 09, 14:47
ajosm: eksakto sa holy week break... hopefully this doc will take a much needed rest and not say adieu!
6 Apr 09, 12:30
henry: hI Doc ! glad your back !
6 Apr 09, 12:10
henry: hmmmmmm.what's cooking doc? just dropping by Doc!
6 Apr 09, 09:47
Rhenzo: hi doc , bantyan mo mabuti yang niluluto mo at baka mahilaw o kaya malabog . gusto namin half cook .... medyo makunat kunat ng kunte
6 Apr 09, 07:37
DrStirringRhod: Just CLEARING up the MAIN PAGE for a while. I'll be back!!
6 Apr 09, 00:23
bingbong: DSR Returns!!! Refreshed!!! Recharged!!! The docmuzic saga continues...
5 Apr 09, 23:33
Rhenzo: bagong start itong chatbox ..... hmmmn, something is cooking ... right doc?
5 Apr 09, 12:37
djdoc: cge na nga..muling pagkabuhay na lang!!
5 Apr 09, 12:36
djdoc: ay mali spiling..resuurected
5 Apr 09, 12:36
djdoc: docstir ressurected!!!
5 Apr 09, 06:38
archie: hello po. namamasyal lang. nice site!
4 Apr 09, 20:14
JOHN JOHN: DOC!! You're back?
4 Apr 09, 19:51
DrStirringRhod: Soundcheck...soundcheck... TESTING......one...two...three. Mic test. soundcheck..