1st Year Anniversary!!

Time flies so fast that you just don't know what hit you. YUP!! It has been ONE YEAR since I featured SNOOG MIX here in my little blog "The Doctor Is In". WOW!! I can't believe it!! I asked my good friend Snoog last month FEBRUARY 2009 to prepare for another NEW WAVE MIX because it's his MIX ANNIVERSARY here. Hmmmp!! FINALLY!! Better late than never because he had difficulty uploading the files where he is working right now in KUWAIT. We have another masterpiece from the MAN himself who started it all here in my blog. I still remember last year JANUARY 2008 when Snoog send me a personal message suggesting to feature his mix here on my blog.....and the rest was HISTORY I may say!! I'll be having a SPECIAL BLOGPOST on MY STORY ON HOW THESE NEW WAVE MIXES evolved the past year I featured them and just hang on to your seats because that would be an interesting blogpost I promise since these mixes have all been a part of "The Doctor Is In". More NEW WAVE MIXES to come guys so better get ready. Of course, I can't do this without the help of my KABAYANS who have been supporting my blog for the past 19 months of existence. This would be the 6th NEW WAVE MIX from KABAYAN DINDO LOPEZ aka. SNOOG.

I made a simple picture here to celebrate the FIRST BIRTHDAY of SNOOG MIX and so that means more SNOOG MIXES to come in the future on "The Doctor Is In". So here we go again giving you THE BEST OF PINOY NEW WAVE MIXES and ENJOY LISTENING PEOPLE.

What You Get Is What You Seek..Desire
SnooGs 2009 Mix)
Bitrate: 192kbps
File Size: 70mb
Playtime: 51 Minutes

01 The Box That Holds A Secret
02 Tinsletown In The Rain
03 Crazy
04 Bring On The Dancing Horses
05 Beds Are Burning
06 Away
07 Like A Hurricane
08 Disintegration
09 The Truth
10 Love Like Blood
11 Cities In Dust
12 Rain
13 Sweetest Thing
14 All Day & All Of The Night
15 Desire

Download the MIX by clicking Snoog's New Avatar:

Definitely, another trip down MEMORY LANE with music from SECESSION beginning the MIX SET to start the groove which was followed by another cool song from BLUE NILE. I love the entry of ICEHOUSE that makes the beat faster and it gets even better with one of my favorite ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN song and it's the extended version so let's BRING ON THE DANCING HORSES while the BEDS ARE BURNING. Screaming "AWAY" by THE BOLHOI and THE MISSION on their respective hard hitting songs would blow you away LIKE A HURRICANE. Prepare for DISINTEGRATION on the next set of dark songs from KILLING JOKE, SIOUXSIE, and THE CULT. Better listen to these songs ALL DAY AND ALL OF THE NIGHT and dance with grace. He He He!! Two songs from GENE LOVES JEZEBEL would wrap up this great music mix........and that's THE SWEETEST THING to end it with the title of the mix "What You Get Is What You Seek" ..........Deeessssiiiiiiiiiirrrrrre!! I enjoyed listening to the mix so I hope you guys will also like it. THANKS AGAIN SNOOG!!

DESIRE to dance to
Come And Get(3x)!!


Dindo said...

Here's another link:


Again..THANK YOU & CONGRATULATIONS to both of us DOC..More Power..More Mix To Come!


DrStirringRhod said...



DrStirringRhod said...

Archived from my CHATBOX:

21 Mar 09, 09:35
DrStirringRhod: SALAMAT SNOOG!! So everyone do give your CHEERS to my friend Snoog!!
20 Mar 09, 18:31
SnooG: Thanks Rhenzo..FYI lang po..another DL Link available sa comment incase mag close link sa rapidshare. Enjoy!
20 Mar 09, 15:05
Rhenzo: Happy 1st year of New Wave Mix sharing Snoog
20 Mar 09, 14:30
20 Mar 09, 13:21
JOHNJOHN: excellent snoog mix! mabuhay kayo doc!
17 Mar 09, 18:29
SnooG: VA- What You Get Is What You Seek..Desire (SnooGs 2009 Mix) is ready DOC


DrStirringRhod said...

Archive from my CHATBOX:

23 Mar 09, 01:54
SnooG: I Mean Sa Other Site nang walang Paalam kay DOC
23 Mar 09, 01:54
SnooG: Pakiusap lang po? Dont post my mix / mixes here without permission to DOC..TY
23 Mar 09, 01:52
SnooG: DOC d2 lang yan..after mo post..post ko sa multiply ko..ganyan ka kalakas sa akin TY
23 Mar 09, 00:06
DrStirringRhod: Btw guys, It's the 1st Anniv MIX of SNOOG here on my blog and I'm not sure if he had any other mix published before.
22 Mar 09, 23:58
DrStirringRhod: SALAMAT sa mga tumangkilik at nagbati kay SNOOG on different WEBSITE!! Nice Mix Indeed!! Proud To Be PINOY!!
21 Mar 09, 22:08
wave180: thank you Doc! for sure i Doc, hihintayin ko yun...
21 Mar 09, 20:02
DrStirringRhod: workshy, ano ba yang NEW WAVE MIX mo? PIGSA na papahinogin. Basta dito yung first New Wave Mix mo ha. Antayin ko yan GOV.
21 Mar 09, 20:00
DrStirringRhod: iiamryan.,YUP!! I play the RUBIKS CUBE. I can finish the first and second layers in two minutes but I\m having difficulty on the third and last layer because it would take me up to 30mins-1 hour.
21 Mar 09, 19:57
DrStirringRhod: The Boy Wonder and Beat. I'm glad you like my "The Vault Report" Blogpost.
21 Mar 09, 19:56
DrStirringRhod: wave180, we will be featuring your request in the future
21 Mar 09, 15:51
Aboveoeuf: Nice to meet you