It was 1983 when Danish group LAID BACK invaded PHILIPPINE RADIO with their worldwide hit "WHITE HORSE". The band was formed in Copenhagen by Tim Stahl on vocals/keyboards and John Guldberg on vocals/guitars back in 1979. I also remember that EAT BULAGA had a "Ride A WHITE HORSE Dance Contest" back in 1983 and this time the song went on to conquer PHILIPPINE TELEVISION too. I find the contestants being influenced by the METALLIC GIGOLO thing back then while performing their dance number. Wheeew!! Here we go again"MEMORIES INDEED!!". He He He!! Few months after the success of the contest, EAT BULAGA then introduced LAID BACK's second MANILA HIT entitled "HIGH SOCIETY GIRL" with another dance contest. Hmmmp!! This time the contestants were wearing a "TANGGA" thing wherein they showed some skin in their lower extremities. I guess this was before the TANGGA battle between LOVELINESS' "Miss Alma Moreno" and THE STAR OF ALL SEASON "Miss Vilma Santos". So that's two dance contests for the band LAID BACK here in MANILA but PINOY would just remember these two songs and not the band name itself.

Then in late 1986, the THIRD SONG from the band entitled "SUNSHINE REGGAE" was played on MORNING MAN's Morning XB show "REQUEST ROUND-UP" which then became a staple on the program. YUP!! It's definitely one of MORNING MAN's favorite song and everytime I hear this song nowadays it reminded me of those times. Though, SUNSHINE REGGAE didn't achieve the popularity of both "WHITE HORSE" and "HIGH SOCIETY GIRL" in terms of MANILA RADIO airplay, it still remained a classic for PINOY NEW WAVERS especially the XB FANATICS. Well, It has a reggae beat that could let you dance through the summer heat. Btw, summer is really on the air here in MANILA because the temperature seems to be getting hotter and hotter by the day. Wheeew!! Of course, that's if you're out of the air conditioned place you're staying, be it at your office, the mall or even the vehicles you're riding. I find this song very COOL to listen to and good jives can be felt I may say. Btw, I requested SUNSHINE REGGAE to POGZ last February 26,2009 for the next episode of NU1O7's New Wave Radio show called "LISTEN ON: THE BALLAD OF THE TIMES". YUP!! The song was on the show's fourth episode ( EPISODE 304) playlist aired last MARCH 4, 2009. Of course, I dedicated the song to INGGO aka "THE MORNING MAN" who was also listening that evening from BAGUIO CITY. I wanna thank POGZ for including the song on the playlist and of course SIR GEORGE FREDERICK for playing it and for greeting me and Inggo on air. He He He!

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MORNING MAN Circa 1987/2007

Since I love the song so much that I bought only the "SUNSHINE REGGAE" EP vinyl record under SIRE RECORDS instead of the LAID BACK album. Nice Vinyl Cover guys which really depicted on the song title. SUNSHINE REGGAE became a major hit in EUROPE and SOUTH AMERICA. The B-side of this EP is WHITE HORSE. I really love the musical intro and the reggae beat of this song which makes you wanna wear those summer outfits or even go swimming in BORACAY. He He He!! LAID BACK were able to focus on their music after being fired from their daytime jobs in a dispute over $100 with a drunken publisher, which led them to the climax of their art, "SUNSHINE REGGAE". Since this is the season in the sun here in MANILA, so why not listen to any reggae and island rhythms and be sure to include WXB102 Classic "SUNSHINE REGGAE".



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80sMan said...

This song is absolutely amazing... It was number one on polish radio chart many years ago and when i listen to this memories are coming back.
It's fantastic people still remember the times when music was catchy and full of emotions.

DrStirringRhod said...

YUP 80s Man!! Those were the good old days!! :-) Thanks for the comment and for dropping by!!