Hello Guys!! Well, for today's blogpost let us make it different by featuring two very interesting Videos from the 80s from two very popular artists of the decade namely the "King Of Pop" MICHAEL JACKSON and the "KING OF PARODY" WEIRD AL YANKOVIC. It was 1982 when Michael Jackson's 6th studio album "THRILLER" was released and made a tremendous impact on the music industry around the globe. YUP!! It was an album that was also a major hit here in MANILA back then. Although, I collect music from the NEW WAVE/PUNK ROCK genre and it's subgenres, I have to say that I like this album which still holds the title of "THE BEST SELLING ALBUM OF ALL TIME" since I grew up listening to the music of the 80s. I actually bought the 25th Anniversary CD of it last year with great packaging and added tracks and videos . He He He!! "BEAT IT" was the 3rd single from this sensational "THRILLER" album which won MJ two Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Best Male Rock Vocal Performance and was ranked #337 on the list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time conducted by Rolling Stone Magazine. What a song!! Especially with the guitar solo that featured Eddie Van Halen as guest. Then, out of the blue, parodist/song writer Alfred Matthew Yankovic aka. "WEIRD AL YANKOVIC made his own spoof version of MJ's "BEAT IT" entitled "EAT IT" that has a funny Music Video. I remember seeing this music video for the first time and I was really laughing out loud. An exact replica of the original MJ "BEAT IT" music video with a touch of humor. WOW!! Great MTV indeed. "Eat It" became #1 in Australia and earned Weird Al Yankovic a 1984 Grammy Award in the Best Comedy Recording category. The song also went to #12 in the BILLBOARD HOT 100 in the US charts. I really like WEIRD AL's lyrics on this one.

So here it goes the two Music Videos that I'm talking about and I hope you will enjoy watching it and get a trip back again down memory lane with a touch of laughter.

Just EAT IT!!


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