Today's PHILIPPINE Peso Bills

To start the YEAR OF THE OX let us be positive regarding the current global financial crisis. A lot have been said about it and I guess majority have been feeling the recession already. For luck I decided to just show and feature these Philippine Peso Bills for today's blogpost. Hmmmp!! Maybe after 10-15 years they will all be different and I'll just look at this blogpost of mine to compare. He He He!! That would also mean 10-15 years more of blogging. Ha Ha Ha!! I'm not a collector of coins or these kind of bills but I always find time on NEW YEAR's eve that I have all these Bills in my wallet for at least a LUCKY CHARM for the incoming year in terms of financial blessings I may say. I'm not a FENG SHUI hardcore believer but It doesn't hurt to have these bills when approaching JANUARY ONE of any year. And take note It should be the NEW ONES which are still hot from the Bank's printing press. He He He!! Of course, I already spend the Bills shown in the photo so If you have these Bills in your wallet right now KABAYAN with the same serial numbers then this is what they look like when they were still new and without that money odor thing. He He He!! I'm not earning money by blogging here, It's just my form of diversion, relaxation and fun. By featuring these bills doesn't mean that this would be a commercial blog. Who knows maybe 5 years from now. Naaah!!

Here are the list of the great Filipinos in the Bills:

1000 pesos
Jose Abad Santos
Josefa Llanes Escoda
Vicente Lim

500 pesos
Benigno Aquino, Jr

200 pesos
Diosdado Macapagal

100 pesos
Manuel Roxas

50 pesos
Sergio OsmeƱa

20 pesos
Manuel L. Quezon

To know more about our Philippine Peso Bill check this Wikipedia entry with great Information on the "Banknotes Of The Philippine Peso". Click the "REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS" Logo to enter the site.

Btw, both 5 and 10 peso bills are not anymore in circulation so KABAYAN If you still have them then just keep It for History purposes for the next generation to see. I can still remember during the 80s that the 5 peso bills having the photo of General Emilio Aguinaldo was transformed to the 80s Pinoy singer RANDY SANTIAGO who was an 80s Icon too.

Here's a cool MUSIC VIDEO from CYNDI LAUPER:


It's a refreshing version from her classic 80s hit!!

So save your MONEY for the rainy days!!



eLf ideas said...

Yeah, I remember that Randy Santiago 5-peso bill. I used to have one. Sana may nakapagtago pa at i-post. '80s icon indeed! Hahaha.

You made me remember what I've been wanting to blog about long ago. I was planning to feature Canadian bills. I like looking at them too because, like our Philippine bills, Canadian banknotes also follow a color code, unlike US dollars which have the same grayish green color.

DrStirringRhod said...

Hmmmp!! Alfie, That would be wonderful if some KABAYAN of ours would post the pix of that 5 peso vandalized bill wherein EMILIO AGUINALDO was transformed into RANDY SANTIAGO. He He He!! I remember thatBANGKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS ordered that anyone caught vandalizing the bill will be reprimanded. All vandalized bils were also ordered to be send back to BANGKO SENTRAL so that It would be replaced. MEMORIES INDEED!!


arrielle said...

I really love all our new Philippine peso bills. :)

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