007 "Quantum Of Solace"

Last November 5,2008 the 22nd James Bond 007 film entitled "QUANTUM OF SOLACE" was shown here in the Philippines. Well, since I'm an avid fan of this IAN FLEMING character how could I skip blogging this film even though It's a little bit late for reviewing it. I noticed that this film is sort of a sequel of the 2006 BOND film "CASINO ROYALE" because of the story plot. Of course, It was DANIEL CRAIG's second performance being JAMES BOND 007 and definitely It's quite a good movie too. Although, I miss those gadgets or the so-called BOND toys because unlike on the previous JAMES BOND films "Quantum Of Solace" didn't feature that much high tech gadgetry. What's very interesting is that the style of the movie is changing and maybe due to how It would adapt to the times since this character have been in the movie scene for decades already. There is still humour within it which will make It light for the other scenes in the film. As majority of BOND films another BOND Lady named Strawberry Fields died and It seems there is this endless question If JAMES BOND will ever be married or settle down with a special someone for life. Hmmmp!! I guess with his line of work that would be very difficult. In the whole career of this secret agent, guys would really look after watching his hot and sexy leading ladies. It never fail to amazed me how BOND would get these chicks. I love the action scenes here and It's fast indeed. Any BOND film is not complete without a car chase right? The BMW cars, the OMEGA watch are some of those that never get out of style If you're talking of taste. He He He!!

We watched the film on the big screen few days It opened here in MANILA. With the recent OIL crisis one would think If petroleum indeed controls the world. If a country have a lot of resources pertaining to oil then It's considered to be powerful. In "Quantum Of Solace" on the otherhand focuses on the control of WATER. YUP!! This time the chemical symbol H20 is the main ingredient on how to control a country and even the whole world. The villain DOMINIC GREENE who is a member of the Quantum organization posing as an environmentalist intends to stage a coup d'├ętat in Bolivia so that he could take control of the country's water supply. Vengeance was also very prominent in the plot especially for the lead character JAMES BOND and BOND lady Camilles Montes. Definitely another great film for JAMES BOND fans like me. I just wondered why there was no BOND film released in year 2007. It would have been a great theme having "007 on 2007". Naaah!!

Btw, I have two blogposts about JAMES BOND prior to this so do check it out If you haven't read them. The first one was last 2007 when I featured my entire JAMES BOND VCD collection and the second one was about the two BOND soundtrack songs of the 80s namely "A VIEW TO A KILL" by DURAN DURAN and "THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS" by A-HA.

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Ooops!! Before I forget, my good friend DjDoct made a special MASH-UP of the "Quantum Of Solace" music on his VINYL 80s blogsite. Listen and download it on his site. Do check it out by clicking the photo of ALICIA KEYS.

beautiful(live version acapella)-christina aguilera
another way to die(quantum of solace OST instrumental)
- alicia keys/jack white



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Tama ka jan DSR, inaabangan talaga ang mga Bond girls in each installment. Favorites ko si Michelle Yeoh at Sophie Marceau.

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Thanks bingbong!! Very SEXY and HOTTIE to the MAXX!!!

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