It was 1980 when PUNK ROCK started to become a great music phenomenon here in MANILA and this was before XB,BM, and NU invaded the FM radio dials playing New Wave/Punk Rock music for PINOYS to enjoy. Well, if you're going to define PUNK ROCK in a true sense then there might be some different perceptions on how you believe it would sound like. It's like defining NEW WAVE wherein different countries have their own definition about NEW WAVE. Of course, here in MANILA I have to admit that we do have our own PINOY concept of NEW WAVE which I find very different and much better in taste from other countries styles and thoughts of this musical genre. That goes out for PUNK ROCK because what may be PUNK ROCK to you may not be PUNK ROCK to others and that goes the same with NEW WAVE. Let's not debate on it anymore. Back in 1987, there was a cassette tape format that began flooding record stores here in MANILA and this was the so-called INDONESIAN TAPE. Though, If you would check the tapes more carefully It was stated on the Labels that most of them were really made from the MIDDLE EAST and not really from Indonesia. So why INDONESIAN TAPE? I simply don't know the exact answer. That's how It was called here back then. This Cassette Tape Format released any form of musical genres from SLOW ROCK, FOLK AND COUNTRY, NEW WAVE, PUNK ROCK and others. Some PINOYS would even ask their relatives working in the Middle East to send them these kind of tapes back then.

I was able to buy two volumes of BEST OF PUNK ROCK in this cassette tape format which is very much different from the original cassette tapes that we usually know. YUP!! It's still preserve in my Vaults after two decades since I bought it. He He He!! The packaging of the tape is a bit bigger and there is this distinct thick protective cover that would preserve the tape from heat. I guess It's perfect for countries having a hot climate like in the Middle East. "BEST OF PUNK ROCK" and "BEST OF PUNK ROCK 2" were the titles of the said compilations I bought at RAON in QUIAPO wayback 1989. Both cassette tapes are in C-90 type so that means It's one and a half hour of great PUNK ROCK music each. According to the label It's a FINE AZIMUTH CASSETTE HOUSING MECHANISM and It's DIRECT DIGITAL MASTERING. The sound of these tapes are excellent and I still remember those Jeepney Drivers playing this tape format on their passenger jeepneys back in the late 80s and early 90s for sound tripping.

I decided to post the TRACKLIST of both tapes here in my blogpost so that you guys have an insight of the Artists and Songs included on these tapes.

1) All Stood Still- ULTRAVOX
2) De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da- THE POLICE
3) Rock Hard- SUZI QUATRO
4) Turning Japanese- THE VAPORS
5) Whip It- DEVO
6) Housework- THE B-52s
7) Peek A Boo!!- DEVO
8) Time Kill- ULTRAVOX
9) 99 Lufftballons- NENA
10)I Wanna Be Sedated- RAMONES
11)Street Beat- TONI BASIL
12)Rock Around The Clock- SEX PISTOLS
13)When The World Is Running Down,
You Make The Best Of What's Still Around- THE POLICE

1) Mickey- TONI BASIL
2) Major Tom(I'm Coming Come)- PETER SCHILLING
3) Private Idaho- THE B-52s
4) Looking For Clues- ROBERT PALMER
5) (Bigger And Better) Lies- THOMPSON TWINS
6) Shake It Up- THE CARS
7) Sometimes A Fantasy- BILLY JOEL
8) Our House- MADNESS
9) I Send A Message- INXS
10)Song For A Future Generation- THE B-52s

11)Prepare To Energize- TORCH SONG

1) Crazy Little Thing Called Love- QUEEN
2) Just Got Lucky- JO BOXERS
3) Just Can't Get Enought- DEPECHE MODE
4) Tell Her About It- BILLY JOEL
5) Footloose- KENNY LOGGINS
6) When Doves Cry- PRINCE
7) I'm So Excited- POINTER SISTERS
9) Rebel Yell- BILLY IDOL
10)She Sells Sanctuary- THE CULT
11)21st Century Boy- SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK


1) You Are The Girl- THE CARS
2) Summer Of Love- THE B-52s
3) Love Is A Battlefield- PAT BENATAR
4) Head Over Heels- GO GO'S
5) Our Lips Are Sealed- FUN BOY THREE
6) Synthicide- S.S.Q
7) Dancing With Tears In My Eyes- ULTRAVOX
8) Legal Tender- THE B-52s
9) Gimme Some Slack- THE CARS

10)Always Something There To Remind Me- NAKED EYES
12) Karma Chameleon- CULTURE CLUB

I was informed by KABAYAN bingbong that there was also a BEST OF PUNK ROCK 3 and fortunately he has a copy of it for him to share here in my blog. Thanks man!!

1) Modern Love – David Bowie
2) Maneater – Daryl Hall and John Oates
3) You Can’t Hurry Love – Phil Collins
4) I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man – Prince
5) Caravan of Love – The Housemartins
6) Cold Dresses – Al Corley
7) Kick – Inxs
8) Safety Dance – Men Without Hats
9) Stay - Mark and Spencer
10)(Waiting for the Ghost Train) – Madness

1) Out of Touch – Daryl Hall and John Oates
2) Rescue Me – The Alarm
3) Hot in the City – Billy Idol
4) Tower of Strength – The Mission
5) Heart of Glass – Blondie
6) I Touch Roses – Book of Love
7) Just Like Paradise – David Lee Roth
8) Give it Up – KC and the Sunshine Band

I uploaded Four Music Videos just to remind us of this musical genre called PUNK ROCK which I consider included as part of the NEW WAVE GENRE!! All these songs are included in the tape compilation.

All Stood Still- ULTRAVOX

Turning Japanese- THE VAPORS

Whip It- DEVO

Rock Lobster- THE B-52s

Btw, I just remember that my cousin(older than me of course) who is also a Medical Doctor like me and now residing and working abroad celebrated her DEBUT(18th Birthday) in our house wayback 1983 and these were the songs played during the party hours after the whole ceremonies was over. YUP!! Memories indeed!! "ROCK LOBSTER!! DOWN!! DOWN!! DOWN!!".

Definitely, the


McDoC said...

You're welcome DSR. Madami nga nagsulputan mga Audiophile releases on cassette sa Quiapo. Actually, I while Audiophile means audio lover, I suspected that the people behind it were Pinoys. Kasi, the songs included were the songs which were popular here in the Philippines. Like on the first volume, mga PUNK ROCK tunes yon sa EAT BULAGA 'di ba? Indonesia and the Middle East were more interested in American Top 40 and the UK Chart hits. Para bang yong Best of 102 Music na Made in USA and France. Watchathink doc? Hehehe.


McDoC said...

Oh, i forgot to include my conclusion... na baka ang Audiophile also means Audio Philippines. Kasi I also own Indonesian made cassettes made by other Indonesian labels King's, Aquarius, etc. which were more reflective of American and UK top chart hits. So itong Audiophile, Pinoy-favorites mga selections niya e. They also released New Wave Selection series di ba?


DrStirringRhod said...

Thank bingbong!! :-) All I can say is that "Iba Talaga Taste Ng PINOY when It Comes To NEW WAVE/PUNK ROCK." The scene here created by XB,BM, and NU was something to cherish back on those days. :-)


Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.




salamat sa magandang info..dok..


DrStirringRhod said...

salamat sa magandang info..dok..


May 5, 2009 3:31 PM


DrStirringRhod said...


electrowave wrote on Jan 20
Meron ako nyang dalawa noon din, Doc Rhod. Namatet nga lng pero BASF ung tapes na nakuha ko from Salonga, Raon. And, like what u said s blog mo... maganda sound production nitong 2 tapes na e2. Like most tapes from the same source, collectible tlga yan. Kya pag nawala, di ka na rin cguro makakakuha agad ng kapalit. T_T

replydsri wrote on Jan 21
Oo nga Rob!! Actually nawala kona yung A-HA, REAL LIFE, and O.M.D. tapes ko in this format. Syempre sa party din nawala. :-( Good Sound quality lalo na if nakasakay ka sa PATOK na JEEPNEY. He He He!! Ganda tunog lalo na nung panahon ng NU107 vs POWER105 rivalry. Wala pang FX nun. :-)

replyelectrowave wrote on Jan 21, edited on Jan 21
Di ko yata inabot yang FX na yan, or maybe I wasn't aware na may lumitaw na bagong new wave station. Kelan p b cla? Nang naging madaldal na DJs ng 89 DMZ kc, di na me nakinig ng radio (kahit anong station, save Citylite). Marami rin meng naiskor na Indo tapes noon. Mga heavy metals, folk/country music (Manila's Finest), John Denver, Don McLean, Bread, America, Simon & Garfunkel, Bee Gees, Stylistics, EWF, Yuletide Carols, New Age Music, Richard Clayderman, David Benoit, Dave Grusin, New Wave Collections 1-3, Best of OMD, A Flock of Seagulls, The Cure, Slow Rock, Alternatives, atbp. Palaisipan sakin ngaun kung ayos p b mga naiwan ko s Laguna o inamag na rin s tagal ng pagkakatago! :)

replydsri wrote on Jan 21
Uy Rob!! Tamaraw FX ang ibig kong sabihin. Ache che che!! :-) Yung time na itong mga tapes lumabas patok na patok patugtugin sa mga jeep. May mga ganito pang tapes akong nakita sa QUIAPO when I went to church last month kaso mga hindi na maganda condition.

replyndizon wrote on Jan 21
Patok....taga san ka ba doc? Sa pasig ako umuuwi my college days...sakay ko sa patukan (Pasig-Quiapo) malapit sa CEU. The bext mga jeep dun...& naka collect din ako nyan...my first New Wave Diary 1-6 in Cassete form pa.=)..unluckily...di ko na din makita ngaun.=(

replyrhenzo101 wrote on Jan 21
kahirap kasing imaintain ng cassette ... kapag nahiram pag balik may lukot yung tape meaning nadali sa player ... di ka magpahiram ...ang damot ang sasabihin sa iyo. Dati mga slowrock (HINS COLLECTION) ang binibili ko at mga tipong star on 45 medley. Wala ng natira sa akin kundi iyong slow rock 94 na AUDIOPHILE ... heto nakahalang sa kwarto hehehehe wala na kasi akong player :)

replyelectrowave wrote on Jan 21, edited on Jan 21
After losing some of my Indo tapes to my elder brothers na umarbor s iba kong collections, napadpad naman me s barkada ko s QC n collector ng kahit anong music CD & 12" vinyls. S kanya me nagpapa-record ng pili kong selections on Maxell C-100 tapes (pra sulit s haba ng playback)... until before I got married in late 1995. May mga plaka p nga meng naiwan s haybol nya e. M not sure kung nasa kanya p mga un o naibenta n nya kc, isipin mo n lng ung huling punta ko s kanya (1995)! But it's okay. May mga nakuha nman n me ng mga digital copies nong mga vinyls n un d2 e. :P

replydsri wrote on Jan 21
Noel, you're right about those Patok Jeepneys during College Days. Kahit san yata sulok ng Maynila noon basta maganda yung Jeepney, maganda din sounds.:-) Dun sa Vicinity ko when I was in Premed very prominent yung Jeep na tawag ay "VIRGIN CHASER".

replydsri wrote on Jan 21
Rhenz and Rob, meron pa kayang lumalabas na ganitong tapes?

replyndizon wrote on Jan 22
dsri said
Noel, you're right about those Patok Jeepneys during College Days. Kahit san yata sulok ng Maynila noon basta maganda yung Jeepney, maganda din sounds.:-) Dun sa Vicinity ko when I was in Premed very prominent yung Jeep na tawag ay "VIRGIN CHASER".
"Super Khate" na lang natatandaan ko sa Pasig Quiapo e...tipong pa banking banking sa kaslsada ang jeep...u don't mind e 'no...esp at night...

dsri wrote today at 8:52 PM
YO NOEL!! Familiar yung friend kong taga-PASIG sa "Super Khate". Super Hate nga daw niya yun, He He He!!



Pinoy Kollektor said...

Like most of your blog reader. I am a new waver.... I have been listening and collecting New wave records since the 1980s. Keep on posting.