"BAZAAR" Love Triangle?


This blogpost of mine is dedicated to my "BAZAAR" Kabayan ROB. Oh ayan ah very special na yan ROB. He He He!! The EDITOR-IN-CHEF-IN-THE-CHICKEN este KITCHEN of my blog? Well, we will not be talking 50% discount or even as much as 70% discount here. "BAZAAR" in MANILA is also known as TIANGGE, or UKAY-UKAY. This is about NEW ORDER's classic song "BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE". This great song was even ranked #201 on the "500 Greatest Song Of All Time" by ROLLING STONE back in 2004.
I uploaded two music videos of BAZAAR este BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE from NEW ORDER and FRENTE which I consider a classic NEW WAVE Song!! Very popular for PINOY NEW WAVERS and especially on NEW WAVE PARTIES back in the 80s here in MANILA.

I first heard of NEW ORDER's "BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE" back in 1986 on POWER105 DZBM-FM when this radio station played the extended 12-inch version of the song.

I first heard of this FRENTE rendition of a NEW ORDER classic back in 1992 on 97.1 WLS FM. Nice acoustic version indeed from "MARVIN THE ALBUM".

The lyrics of the song was not anyway related to the "LEGION OF DOOM" character "BIZARRO" of the cartoon show "THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA" shown here in MANILA on SATURDAY FUN MACHINE back in the 80s. Bizarro is use to describe anything that uses twisted logic or that is the opposite of something else. Hmmmp!! So ROB, if there is any other "BAZAAR" words here you know how to get in touch with me bro. That's how BIZARRE this blogpost of mine. Ha Ha Ha!! Nice song from NEW ORDER and definitely even you're not into NEW WAVE you should also know the song. Do we need to memorize it?
One BIZARRE post!!

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