INDIE mp3 collectors series

What is INDIE? It's not the nickname of INDIANA JONES and nothing to do with the INDY 500 motor race. "INDIE" is short for "Independent" and It means a lot of things and if you're talking about music then the discussion of INDIE MUSIC would just end up with a debate. In this case I'm referrring about "INDIE MUSIC" whether It's the so-called "INDIE POP" or "INDIE ROCK". If you're going to research the true meaning of this musical genre then It's very diverse and complicated in a way. What may be INDIE to you may not be INDIE to others. It is definitely a subculture music that is independent of major labels or producers that could be labeled on this genre. NaintINDIEhan naba KABAYAN? He He He!! What is an mp3? The term MP3 came from M(oving) P(icture) E(xperts) G(roup) -1 Audio Layer 3 nomenclature which is a digital audio encoding format using a form of lossy data compression. So that's "INDIE" and "mp3" for you!!

Back in 1999, there was these two mp3 music collection series that were made available here in MANILA specifically at GREENHILLS SHOPPING MALL entitled "INDIE mp3 collectors series 1 and 2". YUP!! You got it right guys!! I consider this if not the first mp3 collection released, then It's one of the first released here in MANILA back in 1999. As bootleg? Naaah!!My high school buddy "JACK J." who now resides in CANADA was able to buy these two mp3 collection back then and I was glad that he still has it on his Vaults up to this time so that we could feature it here in my little blog. Well, during those times CD burning was not yet a medium of getting your kind of music and mp3 players was not yet in the market unlike today most of the PINOY youngsters has an mp3 player with them. When JACK told me about this back in 1999 I decided to borrow it after a week so that he has time to listen to the entire mp3 of both selections. The series explores 299 great songs that would travel you back in the 80s. This is very different from "THE ULTIMATE EIGHTIES COLLECTION" mp3 series that I've featured in this blog before.

So what's "INDIE" about it? Basically, It's PINOY NEW WAVE definition and it included tracks played by XB, BM and NU back in the 80s on MANILA's FM radio dials. It's an 80s Independent collection that span the entire decade.

"INDIE mp3 collectors series 1" has a total of 148 songs that includes music from bands like DEACON BLUE, EIGHT WONDER, SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES, THE MIGHTY LEMON DROPS, ROARING BOYS, SISTERS OF MERCY, and a lot more.

"INDIE mp3 collectors series 2" has a total of 151 songs that includes music from bands like THE WILD SWANS, TWO MINDS CRACK, THE SOUND, THE ADVENTURES, THE BELLE STARS, CACTUS WORLD NEWS, and a lot more.

Nice Compilation INDIEed!!


eLf ideas said...

Keep it up! Your posts. I enjoy it very much. I'm sure many others enjoy them as well. As for you friend eLf here in Canada, I'm kind of busy these days juggling work, family (baby eLf coming anytime now), writing for the newspaper, finishing my first book (hoping to be able to publish it in the coming months), and rearranging some old previously unreleased compositions I was able to keep in my treasure chest. We--my new band, The Half Gifts, are entering the recording studio in the coming months as well--a professional one, so we can achieve a high quality of our songs. Sayang e, magaganda pa naman tapos hindi mai-re-record nang maayos.

Cross your fingers for us, so we can finish this project soon.


djjack7007 said...

Doc, thanks for uploading my Indie Collection. Upto now, i still enjoy listening to these mp3 collections.

DrStirringRhod said...

Thanks JACK for sharing it!! :-)

Thanks also ALFIE for the comments!! Btw, congratz with your BABY ELF!! :-) Goodluck with your musical ideas on THE HALF GIFTS!! Maybe you could give me some gifts? He He He!!


Kenshin said...

Gud Day uli DOC, Nice blog about our flag..PINOY AKO TALAGA...DOC, pwede mo ba i-share uli ung war of the indies @ ung INDIE collectors series 1 & 2....Thanks in advance...MORE POWER.....