My NEW "The Doctor Is In" BLOG LOGO

Here's my BLOG PAGE last DECEMBER 31, 2008 going to the New Year January 1, 2009!!

My MULTIPLY AVATAR was not yet included on the right side. I just placed it here on my blog last JANUARY 7, 2009.

Now, I decided to finally create my very own "The Doctor Is In" LOGO here in BLOGGER to at least add up some spice on my Blogpage.

So guys I present you my very own DIY NEW :
"The Doctor Is In: The Home Of Dr. Stirring Rhod" Logo!!

I hope you like it!! Of course, my old reliable RUBIK'S CUBE is included. So for APRIL 11, 2009 here's my new docmuzic.blogspot.com LOGO after 20months in the blogosphere. THANKS AGAIN for the blog support!! More BLOGPOST SURPRISES yet to come so keep on visiting my little blog.


DEFINITELY......."The Doctor Is In"


djjack7007 said...

Nice One, good thing that you haven't removed the cube.

DrStirringRhod said...

THANKS JACK!! :-) Yes of course, I'll not remove that RUBIK'S CUBE!! That's my TRADEMARK already here in the Blogosphere. Though, I removed my STETHOSCOPE on the picture, still that's the true "THE DOCTOR IS IN" signage already. :-)