In the age of i-pods, mp3s, and downloadable digital music; collectors like me still considers the Vinyl Record as the ultimate source of quality music. Kids of today are not anymore into these stuffs that used to spin on the turntables of their Dads and Moms and even their Grandpas and Grandmas. Whatever the case is; nothing beats the sound of Vinyl. Well if you have your own music collection and you don't have any Vinyl Records on it, I guess that's a quite an empty collection even though you display on your site your CD collections the same way I do in the concept format the way I took photos of some of my CD collection..... like "My _____ CD collection", then that's something to ponder about right. Naaaahh!! Copycats will always be copycats!. Ha Ha Ha!! Good thing they cannot copy "My Vinyl Records" thing. No matter what the younger generation of today would say about Digital Music....still nothing beats the VINYL RECORD. That's why up until now I still collect Vinyl Records and It's still my priority. Go away mp3s please!!!!! Get out downloadable music!!!!! No offense, but this is true indeed!!

Definitely, I loudly applaud and respect DJs who really use Vinyl Records on their mixes and not those digital music. Btw, I included an interesting video about "VINYLMANIA" and I love the quote"YOU DON'T OWN ANYTHING WHEN YOU BUY A DOWNLOAD, YOU DON'T OWN A DOWNLOAD!!!" Very TRUE indeed!! So where does the music industry lead to the future? I just don't want to know. My thoughts or afterthoughts? Utot, you want? Ha Ha Ha!! Owning a download? Naaaahhhh!! I have a great passion on collecting Vinyl Records and so I ultimately respect Vinyl Record Collectors especially those who bought records back on those days like me when these ancient artifacts were a hit. He He He!! So what do you call sites that share mp3s without really having the real stuffs? Hmmmmp? As if they have the materials on hand just finding out that it's just another bunch of downloadable music which they only got from other sites and they don't have the real things on their own vaults. Wheeeeew!! This is not a myth.... this is reality. No terminology available for that either. Ha Ha Ha!!

So what else are you waiting for? Get yourself a Vinyl Record today and tomorrow because you are missing a lot!!

Here's another interesting video about those so-called "LAST SHOP STANDING." I guess these are "The Last Of The Mohicans." Ha Ha Ha!! COOL!!!!


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