Early this year "U2 18 SINGLES" CD was released here in MANILA on two pressing. An imported and a local(more affordable) version with different prices. Well, for me this compilation is good for those who's not into their music before and would try to know and discover them. For U2 afficionados on the otherhand, this compilation album would be just another set on their collection. Not really that intense for this IRISH BAND who was first introduced here in MANILA by both WXB102 and DZBM POWER105 back in 1985 with "SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY" and "NEW YEAR'S DAY". This compilation album includes 16 of their successful singles with two additional tracks namely "The Saints Are Coming" which is a collaboration with Green Day, and a new track entitled "Window In The Skies". Of course, Pinoy New Wavers knows this great Irish Band is a total hit here in MANILA with a lot of their songs played on NEW WAVE RADIOS which were not included on the CD. A BONUS LIVE DVD entitled "Vertigo: Live from Milan" was also released as a U2 18SINGLES Deluxe Edition. The DVD features a highlight of 10- songs from the band's 25-song set in Milan, Italy during the Vertigo Tour in 2005.

The CD COVER is also the BOOK COVER of their AUTOBIOGRAPHY entitled "U2 BY U2"which was written by all four members of the band namely: Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr. I got interested with the book so I decided to buy it to have the first hand info from the band members themselves. The book is great and have good insights of what the band went through on their entire musical career.I even remembered the defunct TOWER RECORDS PHILIPPINES branded them as "THE GREATEST BAND ON EARTH" when they released almost all their CD discography wayback 2004 because U2's band line-up remained intack after all these years.


1) Beautiful Day
2) I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
3) Pride (In the Name of Love)
4) With or Without You
5) Vertigo
6) New Year's Day
7) Mysterious Ways
8) Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of
9) Where the Streets Have No Name
10) Sweetest Thing
11) Sunday Bloody Sunday
12) One
13) Desire
14) Walk On
15) Elevation
16) Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own
17) The Saints Are Coming
18) Window in the Skies



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